5 Sustainable and Eco-friendly Hair Styling Tips & Techniques To Try This 2022

A new year always calls for a change – every time the calendar turns to another year,  there’s always an undeniable temptation to switch things up a bit- whether through a new diet, a new fitness routine or a new beauty look. After all, isn’t that how we’re supposed to mark the end of a rewarding year […]

Brown’s Popularity In the Fashion Industry

Brown is a hue that doesn’t get much attention, but in 2021 it has captured the spotlight. Brown has evolved from being associated with filth and boredom to becoming the most popular color today. We’ve recently seen a dramatic shift in fashion toward earthy colours, and because brown wasn’t as popular before, its comeback was fresh […]

Actress Samora Smallwood On Drama Series “The Kings of Napa” and More

Samora, a beautiful actress who’s talents stop at nothing to become the best version of herself. Smallwood is a classically trained bilingual actress, writer, creator, krav maga fighter, as well as a singer! Knowing no limits, she has performed in many known movies and tv shows such as Star Trek, Shadowhunters, The Shelter, American Gods, […]