How to look effortless at the airport this winter

Whether you are planning for a holiday getaway, family trip, work trip, or just a trip to visit your family, airport looks and outfits are the first to think of and they are as important as what you packed inside your luggage. Flights in general require wardrobe essentials that are comfortable, warm, and easy. If […]

Levi’s Middle East Holiday Gift Guide

Give (and wear) clothes that last this holiday season, with Levi’s® Middle East. This season, Levi’s® Middle East encourages you to GIVE BETTER, inspiring conscious gift-giving and defining how to have a high-joy, low-impact holiday season that brings the family together. Although we may not be hit with frosty weather on this side of the […]

The Most Successful Film Franchises of All time

With 112 movie sequels currently on their way – including Avatar 2 and Fast X – it’s safe to say that film franchises are most certainly having a moment right now.   With this in mind, the team at Betway have created an index of the most successful film franchises of all time.  According to the data, Star Wars is the most successful film […]