Freshen Yourself Up This Summer with This Chia Pudding Recipe

On the list of ways to maximize your summer mornings, making chia seed pudding for breakfast ranks right up there—somewhere between sleep training and that first supercharged cup of coffee. Just 10–15 minutes of prep time the night before, and it’ll be waiting for you the next day à la every cooking show you watched as a kid.

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 Recipe By Chef Zeineb Ben Slama, Head Chef at Forever Rose Cafe

PREP TIME: 10 mins
COOK TIME: 5 mins
TOTAL TIME:15 mins
SERVINGS: 1 serving


● 100gms – chia seeds
● 30gms – blueberry
● 30gms – strawberry
● 10gms – physalis
● 30gms – blackberry
● 200ml – almond milk
● 40gms – coconut yoghurt
● 1gm – cardamom powder
● 4 slices – caramelized banana
● 3gms – pistachio flax
● 15ml – maple syrup
● 1gms – edible flowers
● 20ml – blueberry sauce
● 3gms – pumpkins seeds


● Soften the blueberries in maple syrup with ground cardamom

● Soak chia seeds with a teaspoon of blueberry puree and the almond milk
● When the chia seeds enlarge, fold in the yoghurt and pour into a smoothie cup
● Add caramelized banana, pistachio, flax, coconuts, fresh berries and blueberry sauce to the
mixture for a truly refreshing blend.


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