From Harry Styles to Bad Bunny: A Look at Kendall Jenner’s Dating History

Kendall Jenner, the renowned American supermodel and reality TV star, has been making waves in both the fashion industry and the dating scene. With her stunning looks, magnetic charm, and famous last name, Kendall has captured the hearts of many high-profile individuals, including musicians, athletes, and fellow celebrities. We will delve into Kendall Jenner’s dating history, exploring her relationships and rumoured romances, from her time with Harry Styles to her recent connection with Bad Bunny.

Harry Styles

Kendall Jenner had a romantic relationship with British singer-songwriter Harry Styles. When they were seen traveling together and attending numerous events in 2013, they ignited relationship speculations. Their on-again, off-again romance enthralled the media and fans for several years, despite the fact that they kept their relationship relatively quiet.

A$AP Rocky


Kendall Jenner was linked to American rapper A$AP Rocky after her relationship with Styles ended. Rumors began to circulate around 2016, as the couple was frequently spotted together at fashion events and outings. While they never declared their relationship, their tight friendship and public appearances suggested a romantic connection.

Blake Griffin


Kendall Jenner had previously dated professional basketball star Blake Griffin. In 2017, the two became romantically involved, and their relationship lasted for several months. They were frequently seen attending basketball games together and enjoying one other’s company, but their hectic schedules eventually put a stop to their affair.

Ben Simmons


Ben Simmons, an Australian basketball star, became Kendall Jenner’s next love interest. The couple started dating in 2018, but their relationship was on and off for a few years. Their demanding occupations and competing schedules apparently led to their relationship’s difficulties, and they eventually chose to split up.

Devin Booker


Kendall Jenner was linked to NBA star Devin Booker in 2020. They were frequently spotted together, raising speculations of a budding romance. Their relationship garnered further public notice in 2021, when they made their social media debut as a couple, sharing private moments and affectionate posts.

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican musician, is the most recent addition to Kendall Jenner’s dating rumors. In 2022, they were seen together at several gatherings and parties, sparking speculation. While neither party has declared a romantic relationship, their tight friendship has sparked fan and media conjecture.


Kendall Jenner’s dating history showcases her ability to captivate the attention of high-profile individuals from different industries. From her time with Harry Styles to her rumored connection with Bad Bunny, Kendall continues to be a subject of intrigue and fascination. As she navigates the spotlight, fans eagerly await updates on her romantic journey, curious to see who will be the next person to capture her heart.


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