From The Lingerie Expert: 5 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Bra That Will Actually Fit!

From navigating the endless choices of bra styles to understanding the right size to buy – never mind trying to match your skin tone… it’s no wonder so many women don’t enjoy lingerie shopping. This is such a shame, because not only do bras provide support, but a bra that fits well has the potential to transform your entire perception of your body – mentally and physically. With this in mind, Amy Joseph, the Lingerie Business Head at LIWA, and the face behind the region’s leading lingerie brands including La Senza has shared her top five tips to keep in mind when buying a bra that will actually fit.

  1. Let professionals take the reigns

A life spent wearing ill-fitting bras is simply no life at all – and if you have already found the bra of your dreams, you’ll be able to understand how life-changing it can be. The wrong bra will not only make or break your outfit but also your entire day! Now, it is great to know how to measure your own bra size, but if you haven’t tried this before, seek help from an expert. That being said, it’s important to note that the band number or cup size will not stay the same across all styles. Don’t forget the right lingerie is the foundation to your outfit! Don’t blind guess your size – find a bra that loves you back and to get you on your way, you can visit any La Senza store for a complimentary professional fitting.

  1. Just because it’s called “nude” doesn’t make It your nude

Colour is another essential part of selecting your perfect bra, and quite often, shoppers find themselves waffling between two spectrums – light or dark. Since an identical match is unlikely, focus on figuring out what neutral shade will compliment your skin tone more. Fun fact: The inner forearm is the truest match to your natural shade. Keep your bra behind the scenes with La Senza’s comfort edit consisting of seven skin tones from ‘Rose Tan’ to ‘Rich Mocha’, amplified with buttery soft fabric, targeted smoothing technology, and seamless designs.

  1. Size doesn’t matter. But shape? Shape is CRUCIAL

Choosing the right style of bra to fit your individual shape is a must. Some busts are slender, compact, or asymmetric (ever heard of the phrase “sisters, not twins?”). There are no hard or fast rules about what bras you can or can’t wear, but as long as you have the right expectations about what different styles can do for different builds – your holy grail bra can be anything you want. La Senza’s comfort edit comes with a range of inclusive bras made for everyone; including the ‘push-up plunge’ designed with cushioned underwire for the softest support and wider smoothing sides, and the ‘lightly lined demi’ is sexy support without the padding – isn’t this just music to our ears?

  1. Finding the fabric that suits you is just as important as the right style

Fun fact: Did you know that your bra elastic stretches out as you wear it? A bra actually needs 24 to 48 hours to shrink back to its original form. So if you’re wearing the same bra every day, it will start to look shapeless. But making a case for “effortless, everyday sexy”, we continue to stay true to the vision to create value-based and quality collections made from ultra-soft satin fabrics with great stretch – the pinnacle of breathable glamour.

  1. Always Try Before You Buy

Lingerie is seen as a form of self-expression, and it is all about choosing the right style for you and your body. We spend so much time and effort putting everyday outfits together, and more often than not, underwear is an afterthought – but this shouldn’t be the case. Lingerie fashion is gradually undergoing a change, and there is no more room for uncomfortable underwear in the closet! So, the key is to enjoy bra shopping, and have fun with it. With La Senza’s easy-on-the-eye prices from only 299 AED – if you like something, try it.


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