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From The Office to Phil of The Future, here are the titles you (probably) forgot Evan Peters was in

With the Netflix Jeffrey Dahmer series taking viewers by storm, it’s safe to say that Evan Peters is definitely having a moment right now. 

From portraying the mass murderer Dahmer, to taking on the role of the sinister Kai Anderson in ‘American Horror Story: Cult’, we seem to be under the impression that Peters only opts for playing the frightening roles. 

With this in mind, the team at Betway has gone back in time to provide a roundup of the PG characters Peters has played in his acting career.  

From naughty to nice, let’s take a look… 

  1. Seth Wosmer – Phil of the Future 
Credit: Instagram

A flashback to 2004, one of the first titles that kick-started Peters’ acting career was the Disney sitcom, Phil of The Future. 

Here, he played the ever so innocent, nerdy friend of Phil. Evan was only on the show for its first season before he was later replaced by another character. 

  1. Luke Cooper – The Office 
Credit: Instagram

Hit US show, The Office has seen many actors walk through its doors, one of which is Peters’ character, Luke Cooper in Season 7. 

Playing Michael Scott’s nephew, Peters definitely made this role his own by portraying a witty office assistant who was simply there for a good time not a long time. 

One of his iconic moments was when he got Darryl a decaf coffee and messed up Michael’s order by not getting him a cappuccino – the scandal! 

  1. Max Cooperman – Never Back Down 
Credit: Instagram

2008 American Martial Arts film ‘Never Back Down’ was certainly a crowd-pleaser, even more so because of Evan’s fantastic portrayal of the legendary Max Cooperman. 

Max plays a guardian angel who becomes best friends with the main character Jake and later introduces him to a sport known as Mixed Martial Arts.

  1.  One Tree Hill – John ‘Jack’ Daniels 
Credit: Instagram

From tears to triumphs, it was safe to say that teen drama One Tree Hill prompted viewers to feel a rollercoaster of emotions back in the day. 

Fans who stuck with the later seasons of the show may be able to remember John ‘Jack’ Daniels’ character in Season 6, played by the one and only Evan Peters himself. 

The storyline follows Jack who tries his best to navigate the world around him, while trying to deal with his traumatic past. 

  1. Kick-Ass – Todd 
Credit: Instagram

Stepping into the role of the iconic ‘Ass-Kicker’ and being best friends with Aaron Johnson’s character, there’s no doubt that Peters certainly made the Kick-Ass franchise what it is. 

Heroic and determined, the character of Todd knew no limits and would always aim to be the best neighbourhood vigilante. 

  1. X-Men – Quicksilver 
Credit: Instagram

Last but not least, Marvel fans most certainly wouldn’t have forgotten about Peter’s portrayal of Quicksilver (also known as Peter Maximoff), in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past and ‘X-Men: Apocalypse and ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix. 

Playing a mutant who possesses the ability of super speed, Peters definitely stepped into his shiny silver locks in this role here and undoubtedly wowed fans.  


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