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Garrett Clayton is a great example of working hard to achieve your dreams, 31 years old, actor Garrett Clayton is spilling the tea about how he went from dreaming of acting to starring in well-known movies and television programs. Garret’s New Project is ‘The Letter Men’ that will be premiering this June at the Tribeca film festival.


Garret and I had a chat about his career and how he prepares for a role, and if he follows the typical steps as an actor to get into a role or if he just goes with the flow. “Oh, I think so. I’m definitely not fully “method” or anything, but working on building out the characters you’re playing is one of the most exciting parts of the project! Typically, I take all the info given to me about the character on the page or in the casting breakdown and try to incorporate my own life experiences into them in some way. You have to be able to emotionally resonate with who the person is in order to give a good performance, and sometimes you have to read between the lines to find yourself in them.” – Says Garret.

Editor-in-chief: MG
Wording By Mali Am Ahmed
Interview By Fami
Photographer: Sarah Mireya
Hair: Rene Cortez
Makeup By Christopher Miles
Stylist: Haili Pue


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