Ghost Adventures Star Patti Negri On Natural Magic, Her New Book & Manifestations

Patti Negri is a celebrity psychic-medium and “good witch” well known for her role on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures show. Patti was voted number one psychic, medium, tarot reader, witch and magical practitioner in the world. She is also a best-selling author of OLD WORLD MAGICK FOR THE MODERN WORLD: TIPS, TRICKS, & TECHNIQUES TO BALANCE, EMPOWER, & CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE and executive vice president PARAFLIX. Her newest special about Cecil hotel launched on DiscoveryPlus.

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Hello, Patti, and thanks for joining us today. What have you been doing lately? 
I have been crazy busy and loving every minute of it! My regular daily client sessions of course, but now that the pandemic is winding down (and I am fully vaccinated) I am traveling again and doing live events and appearances. I just got back from Salem, getting ready to go to an event in Vegas and then Northern California to do a live stream and séance at the infamous Hotel Leger! Though my international events have been put off until next year (a Haunted “Game of Thrones Castles” tour of Ireland and a trip to Romania and Dracula’s castle for Bram Stokers 125 the anniversary) my US travel will take me from New York to Pennsylvania to Arizona and all parts in between this year! I am SO excited to be getting out again! Also, filming in LA is coming back. I recently shot another episode of Ghost Adventures and The Trevor Moore Show and I have also been filming with some wonderful YouTubers – Elton Castee and the TFIL Crew in addition to my own show Morning Star Paranormal on my new Paraflixx network! So life is exciting and full – and as icing on the cake, my hubby and I have a new dachshund puppy who lovingly takes up every OTHER unused minute of the day! Life is good.

Is it true that you have been practicing natural magic your whole life? 
Yes! From the time I could walk I have been talking to spirits and communing with nature. In my typical suburban backyard, I would be making concoctions with plants and rocks, picking rosemary and mint, and stuffing it in my mother’s purse, knowing it would bring her more money – years before I ever picked up a book on such things. Lizards and crows would follow and talk with me all the way to school. I just thought that everybody could do that! I honestly believe we were all born with this gift, just in our western, non-mystical modern society those things seem to get taught out of us and our spirit friends are labeled “imaginary”. Yes, imaginary friends are wonderful – but some of them are real beings and spirits!


Are you a hereditary witch?  
I do think it is in my blood! Though to my knowledge, no one in my family practiced it. When I would tell my mom about my spirit friends, premonitions, and experiences she would always just say “yup, grandma did that too!” And though my mom never labeled it, she was one of the most intuitive and in tuned people I have ever met! I think I got it from my father’s side as well. His father came from Turkey from Sephardic heritage – and though my grandfather was an “almost evangelical” atheist, philosopher, and psychoanalyst, when I read his books now, he sort of believed the same things I do – only used scientific and academic words over spiritual words. Same thru line – different template or language!

When did you realize you are capable of such things and do you think anyone can become a Psychic-Medium? 
I truly was talking to spirits since could talk. I just thought it was the norm. I was obsessed with talking to the dead – but never in a dark or morbid way. They just had such interesting things to say! I did my first séance at the age of 7 or 8. I realized I didn’t know any dead people – so I went for celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. Within minutes my darkened hallway filled with lights and orbs. Though I ran out screaming – I was also jumping for joy that this was indeed something real – but more importantly, something we could control. I thus became a seeker and as I grew up started studying religion, philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality, the occult, and all things magical– just like my grandpa but came in from a different door! I do believe we all have the gift in us – and that we can all develop it if we want to. Some better than others of course. Everyone can take piano lessons and learn to play – but not everyone can become a virtuoso. It’s good to develop though. Whether or not you want to talk to the dead or give psychic readings, it does put you in touch with your own intuition and “wakes up” all of your senses and awareness. Too many of us have become “asleep at the wheel”, “phoned in”, “on autopilot” and are missing so much of life!

What are important materials connected to witchcraft you always bring with you?
It depends on what I am doing, but I am big with herbs and oils. I am very elemental in my work. Working with air, fire, water, and earth – just like Native Americans and most shamanic practices. So, while doing a job, I will probably have a candle for the fire element, water in some form – and earth in some form, whether rock or crystal or salt. Burning the incense and herbs brings in the air. I also work a lot with sound and vibration – so my trusty chime and bell or two are usually in my magical basket. If I am doing a clearing, I of course have my besom or witch’s broom. You can’t clean a house without a broom right?

Photo Credit The Scenario Studio

Can you tell us about your book and what inspired you to write it? 
My book is called Old World Magick for the Modern World. Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Empower and Create a Life you Love! I was inspired to write it, because in working with people one-on-one I saw how many people had so many of the same issues. Plus, I saw how often we give away our power. We give it away to other people, to limiting belief systems, to fear, all sorts of things. I also saw that sometimes people “zone out” when “solutions” to things are too complicated or take too long. Yes, it is great to meditate for an hour. I highly recommend it – but in this day in age, often you have 30 seconds to “pull it together”. So, with my gift of seeing energy, my elemental knowledge and training – and the basic psychology of my grandfather and the scientific community, I put together simple, fast, easy, and super effective ideas, spells, rituals, and techniques that help us take our power back, make our everyday life easier, better and of our own design!


What advice would you give to raising witches, psychics, and mediums? 
Let them know that they are powerful divine beings and that we have free will, which means we can truly create our lives the way we want to. Also, teach them the responsibility and importance that goes with being any or all of the three. When you take fate into your own hands, know there is always cause and effect – or reaction and reaction. They are responsible for all their actions. So the most important ingredient in following this path is having integrity, ethics, and a strong moral code. If you don’t, that’s where you can get into real trouble, so I recommend you take a much more common or normal path.

What can you say about skepticism? 
I love skeptics! I love to debate! I actually think healthy skepticism is a must. You can’t believe just everything you see! I don’t try to change anybody – or make them see my point of view. This is a big world, there is room for everybody!

Do you think manifesting and magic helped you to achieve things you have right now? 
Oh heck yes! From my physical health to fun, yet empowering challenges! I was told when I was 30 that if I made it to 50 (which I probably wouldn’t) I would be in a wheelchair. I thought… hmmm… that doesn’t work for me. I am a powerful manifester, I am a witch – I am changing that “prediction”. Yes, I did everything the doctors told me to – but I also took on a new attitude and added my magickal practice to my own health. Well, I haven’t been sick in decades. Instead of being dead or in a wheelchair, I beat about 80,000 people and was picked to be on the TV show WipeOut where I did the world’s hardest obstacle course. The hardest, scariest, most painful, AND most empowering thing I have ever done. That is the power of magick. Both the health part and the getting picked part! That was so much fun that I decided I should get on Master Chef and cook for Gordon Ramsey (I can hardly boil water). Next thing you know, I had beat 100,000 people and made it on Season Three where indeed I did cook for Gordon Ramsey. My latest magickal feat in that area was America’s Got Talent. I knew I had NO talent appropriate for that show – and the next thing you know, I am rolling around the floor of the Dolby Theater with Howie Mandell psychically reading his dog. These were all silly fun – but more than that showed the power and ability of the human spirit. When I was on these auditions with thousands of people, I wasn’t wishing that the other contestants would trip or fall or burn their chicken – quite the opposite, I was cheering them on and wishing them the best. All of my positive energy put out came right back to me. That’s why I only do positive magick and am known as a “good” witch. You live in the world you create. What you put out you get back. Why would I send people negative or bad energy, magick, or thoughts? Especially when you can get everything from good/white/positive magick!


Could you tell us about PARAFLIX and what you do as a Vice President? 
It is a new streaming service dedicated to all things paranormal! We have amazing original shows, horror films, educational films and programs, shorts, music videos and more. Only $3.99 a month or $29 a year. We are like the “Netflix of the Paranormal. We are on IOS, Android and Roku! If you are interested, you can get a free trial. Check out Use the code Patti10 for 10% off your first 2 months!

How do you feel about appearing on live television and shows?
I love live TV and shows. It’s always “at the moment” and you never know where something may lead. And as you can tell, I like adventure and a challenge – and doing anything “live” is always both – especially if you are playing in the paranormal and metaphysical world.

You also own Brain Brew Entertainment, what made you create a production company? 
I had already been working in production for years. (Born and raised in LA) so I wanted to take interactive and informative/educational shows to the next level. Whether a song and dance, extravaganza to teach new policy to corporate America – or a Game Show to teach ethics to oilmen or a murder mystery for morale. I knew everything could be delivered in a positive, fun, and often funny way!


What’s your message for Jamo readers?
Magick is everywhere. You just gotta look sometimes!

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