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‘Got you fam’: It turns out that Top Boy is the friendliest show on TV

East London drama ‘Top Boy’ has (surprisingly) been crowned the friendliest show on TV, a new study by Preply reveals. 


Taking into account some of the biggest shows from 2022, the team has studied three hours’ worth of scripts of varying genres to break down the shows that have the friendliest words in them. The percentage of this type of vocabulary for each show was then worked out to rank and reveal the most friendly shows. 

Here are the top three friendliest shows… 

  1. Top Boy – 440 (9.78%)
  2. Sex Education – 387 (8.61%)
  3. Tiger King – 387 (8.61%) 

With a total of 440 friendly words or 9.78% overall, Top Boy takes first place. Despite the fact that the show focuses on inner-city culture and tension around different groups, there are still solid, loyal friendships seen throughout each series, warranting so many friendly words. 

Sex Education had the second-most friendly words throughout its script, with 387 noted over the course of three hours and an overall percentage of 8.61%. The program allows us to view the ins and outs of parental bonds, friendships, and people going through their first sexual experiences, which is why it’s no wonder the script is crammed full of words of affection.

A surprise candidate in joint second place is the Netflix documentary series ‘Tiger King’, with another 387 friendly words over three hours and an 8.61% overall. It turns out that Joe Exotic really does love his feline animals very much! 

The team also broke down the data for the most used ‘friendly’ words said on TV, as well as the most used ‘offensive’ words, ‘love’ words and the most ‘common’ words said on screen overall. 


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