Guide To Surviving Summer In Dubai

Dubai’s sunny summer is around the corner, and although we’re excited for golden tans, beach hair and rooftop terraces, the heat, as we know, is no joke. The change in the weather also serves as a great reminder to clear out older products, and refresh your style for the summer months ahead. Whether you’re booked for a brunch or enjoying a staycation, these Kevin Murphy summer essentials are the perfect addition to everyone’s repertoire. 


FRESH.HAIR Dry Shampoo:

While tourists dream of summer days spent in Dubai, residents know that as we move into the hottest months of the year, cooling down with a swim, or a cold shower, may just be the only answer. With the rinse, and wash sessions on repeat, overwashing your hair may lead to excess oil buildup, and can cause hair to become dry and brittle. So as you head out to your favorite brunch, go ahead and fake the perfect bouncy locks, with Kevin Murphy’s FRESH.HAIR dry shampoo.. ps; we won’t tell anyone!


For the beach babes looking to ditch the styling tools, and embrace those salty waves, this texturizing spray is your new beach day essential. Designed to separate and refine natural curls and waves, this antioxidant-rich spray also helps reduce the inevitable frizz, and increases shine, and elasticity.



Humid weather and rising temperatures can cause serious scalp build up, deeply cleanse your hair from root to tip with this purifying rinse infused with Rose, and Micellar water.

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