Hailey Nicole Ralston 17-Year-Old Talks Directing, Social Media and Her Own Horror Film

Hailey Nicole Ralston is a triple threat (singer, dancer, and actress) as well as a filmmaker. She began her career in the entertainment industry at the age of just two and a half years old. In addition to appearing on television and in a film, the rising star has appeared in the Sci-Fi series Time Girl and the film The Eyes of Tammy Faye. In October, her first film as a filmmaker, The Creature, will be released on Amazon Prime.


What are a few words you would use to describe yourself?I would describe myself as ambitious, outgoing, kind, and confident. 

What do you like and dislike about being an actress?
I love being able to meet new and amazingly talented people every day. I also love being able to transform into someone else whenever I please. The thing that I dislike about being an actress is having to face rejection and having to turn down certain roles. 

How did you feel when you first entered the industry?
I was a little nervous about stepping into such a big and competitive territory (the entertainment industry). Any new thing can be scary but after time I got used to it and fell in love with acting. 

Tell us about “The Creature”?
The Creature is a short film that I wrote, directed, cast, produced, edited, and starred in. It is about the following: When Jenna’s younger sister, Jade, goes missing, she gets ready to face her worst nightmare, a creature that emerges at night preying on the young kids of Ridgecrest, California. On the search for her sister, Jenna bands together with her best friend, Emma. Throughout this horrifying night, the sisters must overcome their fears to battle the murderous, bloodthirsty creature who leaves a mark after each kid the creature takes.The Creature is set to become a feature film in 2022. 


Why did you pick a horror film?
I chose to do a horror film because I love watching scary movies and I feel as though I am better at writing horror scripts. 

How did the premise and concept of the movie come about? How long did it take from conception to completion?
The concept of the movie was created by me and my best friend, Chloe Levardi. We were just messing around, thinking of scene ideas for my reel when I realized this particular idea of “the creature” was too good just to be a scene. It took me about 2-3 months to fully put together the concept, script, and cast. 

What steps do you take in advance to prepare for a role?
I do lots of homework! I take my time to research the character and her background. Once I know this information, I break down my script into individual lines and words. Once I go through this, I practice until it’s time to film!

How do you feel after the project is completed?
I feel pretty bittersweet. I am sad that filming is over but happy to have had the on-set experience.

 In what aspects of your work are you most satisfied and rewarding? In what aspects are you least satisfied?
Being able to watch myself on tv or in theaters with my friends and family is very rewarding. I guess I am least satisfied when I work hard on an audition and I don’t hear anything back. 

Do you have plans to make more movies?
Not at the moment. I do have plans to turn The Creature into a feature film in 2022. Other than that, I am trying to focus on my soon-to-be college experience!

What do you think about Social Media?
I think social media is a great way to express yourself as long as you stay humble and kind to others through the platforms.

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