The Hottest Nail Trends For Autumn According to Pinterest

Searches for autumn nails have increased by 1300% over the last month…  Summer is almost over, which means […]

Y2k Hair Trends That Everyone is Loving Right Now

We’ve recently seen the impressive return of Y2k (The year 2000) beauty and fashion, including everything from low-rise […]

Hailey Bieber’s ‘Glazed Donut Nails’ are the biggest nail trend this Summer

Earlier this year, the trend of having a glossy, glowy skin complexion surfaced with celebrities and beauty influencers […]

Nicole Scherzinger goes bleach blonde – but what are the other top trending spring hair colors?

It’s happened – Nicole Scherzinger has gone bleach blonde for the sunny months ahead!  With celebrities including Kendall […]

Pinterest’s 10 Biggest Nail Trends for This Season

spring is finally upon us and Easter is just around the corner we’re ready to embrace the season with […]


With hundreds of different hair tips, tricks and techniques – have you ever wondered how many of them […]

Pinterest’s Top Hair Colour Trends for Spring 2022

Spring is just around the corner and there is no better way to get into the spirit of […]

Guide To Surviving Summer In Dubai

Dubai’s sunny summer is around the corner, and although we’re excited for golden tans, beach hair and rooftop […]

The Best Hair Styling Tools To Get Your Mom 

When mum looks her best, she feels her best. Dedicate an entire day to making the mum in your […]

Lavender oil: Five Benefits For Hair Growth And Skincare

Lavender has been a staple ingredient in beauty products and traditional medicine for centuries. In addition to smelling […]


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