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Halle Berry And Her Anti-Aging Secrets

Hollywood superstar Halle Berry is celebrating her 55th birthday on August 14 – and she doesn’t look a day over 30. The former Bond girl, mother of two and diabetic is a wellness advocate and has a secret weapon that slows the hands of time whilst keeping fit and healthy – the keto diet.


Berry was diagnosed with diabetes at just 22 and discovered the keto diet while looking for ways to help manage her blood sugar levels. She embraced the diet long before it became a trendy lifestyle, as keto was originally a medical regime used to treat conditions such as epilepsy and diabetes.


Now, according to Keto Goodies, a popular online bakery and blog, there are tens of thousands of people on low-carb diets across the Middle East region. In a recent survey, they found that eight out of 10 people who have tried a keto diet find it effective.

Staying in great shape and healthy eating habits have always been a focal point in Berry’s life. On an Instagram post she shared some advice:

“…Keto is a very low-carb food plan which actually forces your body to burn fat like crazy. I also believe it’s been largely responsible for slowing down my aging process. The keto lifestyle offers so many benefits such as weight loss, (moms that’s how we get rid of our baby bellies), appetite control, more energy and better mental performance,” Berry said on her Instagram account.

“If you’re like me, you can possibly reverse type 2 diabetes, you’ll experience better physical endurance, better skin and also less acne if that’s an issue. And it even helps control migraines!…”

Nutrition wasn’t the only lifestyle change in Berry’s life. Pairing a comprehensive fitness and wellness routine alongside the keto diet has resulted in ‘slowing down her ageing process’. Her passion for health and wellness led to the launch of Re.Spin where she helps millions of women around the world by providing a platform for them to be the best version of themselves through nutrition, fitness and exercise, mental wellbeing and beauty.


As well as the keto diet, Berry also advocates collagen as a supplement for her skin, hair and nails. She follows a thorough skincare routine including vitamin C toners, face peels and sleeping masks. Her workout regime focuses on core and strength conditioning, while she also tries to meditate as often as her busy schedule allows.

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