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Harry Styles’ Most Memorable and Iconic Concert outfits

Harry Styles is one of the most successful musicians and songwriters of our time. He is known for his vintage-sounding music, incomparably thrilling live shows, in addition to his daring and flamboyant fashion sense, thanks to which he is now known as “one of the best-dressed musicians’’. 


Vibrant colors, sequins, feathers, leather, silk, glitter, you name it! He is not afraid to express himself through his fashion, colored nails, his signature rings, as well as his love for flares, fuzzy tops, pearl necklaces, and of course anything Gucci.

The musician started showing off his fashion sense more after One Direction went on hiatus back in 2016, he dropped the skinny jeans, fedoras, and camel suede boots for open shirts, wide-leg pants, and matching colorful suits, giving us modern-day Bowie and Prince vibes. We’re looking forward to seeing more of his iconic looks during the coming up Love on Tour dates.

Here are some of the most memorable outfits from his recent live shows, that continuously get recreated by fans.

Fine Line One Night Only Show

Photo: Helene Pambrun

On Friday, December 13, 2019, Harry Styles looked dashing while singing the entirety of his newest album at the time for One Night Only at The Forum in California. He was dressed in the same outfit he wore on the Fine Line Album cover, composed of a hot pink Gucci shirt with flamingo details, white high-waisted flares with gold buttons, pink suspenders, and black boots. 

Harryween Night 1

Photo: Pinterest

On the first night of Harryween a two-night Fancy Dress Halloween Party held at Madison Square Garden on October 30, 2022, Harry exhibited his feminine side in this Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz costume, to celebrate All Saints’ Eve in style. 

He wore a blue gingham mini dress with strawberry details, red tights, blue and red sparkly Gucci boots, a matching blue bow in his hair, and even carried a wicker basket for the full effect.

Harryween Night 2

Photo: Pinterest

On the second night of Harryween, Harry looked fabulous on stage in another Gucci costume inspired by Pierrot the Clown. This costume was covered in ruffles and lace, with a black moon and stars detailing on the blouse, pleated flares, white tights, and white boots with silver studs on the side. The star accentuated the look with pearl tears and his usual ring stack.

Coachella Weekend 1

Photo: Pinterest

While headlining the first day of Coachella, the singer stepped on stage in a black feathery coat, that he, later on, took off to reveal his shiny custom-made Gucci rainbow-colored sequined jumpsuit with a deep V neck, reminiscent of a slightly similar jumpsuit worn on stage by Queen’s lead vocalist Freddie Mercury. 

Coachella Weekend 2

                           Photo: Pinterest

On the second weekend of Coachella, Harry wore a pink and silver three-piece custom-made by, you guessed it! Gucci, duh! He once again took off his pink feather coat to show off his cowboy-inspired outfit, composed of a jacket, and a vest that had crystal strawberry and cherry embellishments, in addition to his initials displayed on the back of the pants, and silver boots to compliment his belt.

Harry’s House One Night Only Show

Courtesy of Apple Music

To celebrate the release of his third studio album Harry’s House on Friday, May 20, 2022, the 28-year-old musician performed the entirety of the album for One Night Only at the UBS arena in Long Island. Styles opted for a more comfortable and simpler outfit, composed of black leather pants, a white tee with red hearts, a yellow bauble necklace, and red and white Adidas trainers.

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