Hästens Sleep Spa Launches a Hotel Experience Centered Around Sleep

Hastens announces the opening of Hästens Sleep Spa, a hotel concept where guests can enjoy world class sleep, now open in the quaint Portuguese city of Coimbra. The property’s fifteen unique rooms offer guests the chance to spend the night on the world’s best bed with a customized pillow selection for the complete Hästens’ experience.


Hästens Sleep Spa is located directly next to the UNESCO-listed library Biblioteca Joanina. With its thousands of books and gold-adorned baroque furnishings, it stands as the main inspiration for the hotel decoration. In addition to providing guests with the opportunity to purchase a guided tour of the historic library and other exclusive experiences, which can be tailor made for one’s interests, each room is adorned with 1,200 hand-carved and gold-plated marble books spines. The books – which took 4 months and 18 people to create – have been engraved with titles from both Portuguese and international authors.


The fifteen rooms at Hästens Sleep Spa combine the classic charm of cultural heritage with modern style and elegance, where the supremacy of sleep is the key. Inspired by the originality and literary richness of the Joanine Library in the bathroom, the room contrasts with the serenity and tranquility of a sanctuary of personal comfort, provided by the exclusive Hästens Sleep Spa concept. The lobby is an inspiring gallery area, breath-taking in its fine handiwork. Lined with 419,992 small mosaic tiles arranged geometrically across the floor and walls, extending up to the ceiling in a representation of the extraordinary bookshelves and ornaments serves as another tribute to the Joanine Library. 


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