BinSina launch own-brand Manuka Honey product range

BinSina has long been recognised as the go-to source of premium health and wellness products in the UAE, with a stellar reputation for keeping families safe and well. But now, after many years of bringing the highest quality internationally recognised health brands to the region, the family-owned pharmacy has uncovered a product so powerful and […]

Why do you gain or lose weight? Expert weighs in

How you can focus on a healthier future. The principle of weight gain is simple: energy intake exceeds energy expenditure. However, overweight and obesity are clearly the results of a complex set of interactions among genetic, behavioral, and environmental factors. While hundreds, if not thousands, of weight loss strategies, diets, potions, and devices have been […]

What Weightloss will Look Like in 2022

The UAE weight loss market is said to have reached an estimated value of $856 Million in 2020 and although Covid-19 has been a major contributor this figure is expected to increase by around five per cent, between 2021 and 2026. Why is this? In the UAE a significant attributing factor is a population suffering […]

The Truth Behind Resolutions: Losing Weight

The first step is always hard, but we are here to make it easier With new years around the corner, it is time to bring the age old tradition of making resolutions. According to a recent survey conducted by YouGov; 48% of the people made it their 2021 resolution to lose weight 1 . The […]

How to Lose Weight or Stay Fit By Eating The Right Food

If you tried all kinds of crash diets with long hours starving, yet still the scale literally shows no changes in your  weight, you need to think twice. These short term diets are not nutritionally balanced and can cause some serious health issue and sometimes weight gain. Alternatively, a well-balanced diet maintain a sustainable weight […]

All You Must Know When Going On a Diet

You were trying on your favorite pair of pants that you have not worn for a week or so and suddenly you discovered that you could no longer close its zipper. Then, you would go on a “panic mode” because you realized that you have gained unnecessary pounds and looking slightly “plump” lately when you […]

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First Step To Overcoming Weight Loss Challenges: Knowing The Psychological Obstacles

There is a common belief that losing weight is just about having a diet plan along with a daily workout schedule, but why is it that not everyone who tries slimming plans can succeed? As per the experts, psychological blocks behind it is the main reason for giving up a diet. This article discusses these psychological and mental obstacles that can make weight- loss progress challenging for some people and the ways you can overcome […]

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The Five Most Frequently Asked Fitness Questions

We are now in high summer, and everybody is hitting the gym to get beach body ready. However, many people can be unsure about what needs to be done to achieve good and sustainable results and how and which parts of the body should be the focus. Often people are embarrassed or afraid to ask […]

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The Best Way You Can Control Your Calories

Whilst runway models and fashion enthusiasts gear up for the upcoming fashion weeks, It’s SO Simple founder and fitness coach Rachael Sacerdoti created an easy-to-follow guide to control calorie intake that is suitable for women who would like to take their wellbeing to the next level. Part of the It’s SO Simple programme combining best practices in fitness […]

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Why it is important to take Care of Your Mental Health

A lot of people are not aware that taking care of our Mental Health is just as important as looking after our Physical Health. In fact, some experts even believe that our mental health takes precedence over physical health. This is because having a sound mental health greatly affects our ability to maintain our physical […]