Can Yoga Really Heal Your Physical And Mental Issues?

You might think that yoga is just sitting cross-legged, practicing inhaling and exhaling, and reaching a sense of inner peace, flexible body, and toned muscle, which is true! But this is just one dimension of these magical exercises. Scientists have recently found out that yoga can be the answer to many serious medical conditions. Therefore, […]

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Chewy, Yummy, Vitamin-filled — health Gummies You Need Right Now!

If you are experiencing tiredness or fatigue and it’s starting to impact your daily life, then it’s time for you to invest in reliable health supplements. So, whether you have a busy lifestyle or practice intense exercise on a daily basis, your body needs energy to keep powering through – which can easily be achieved […]

Steps To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays, working from home is the new normal. All we have to do is get up in the morning, eat a hearty breakfast and then sit in front of the laptop to start our “work”. But what about our health which is being disrupted due to our unhealthy and extremely lazy lifestyle. Doctors agree that […]

Is The Keto Diet Suitable For Everyone?

Keto is one of the latest fad diets in the last three years due to its big promises and its quick results. But does it work for everyone? According to the majority of nutritionists and various evidence, keto is not the right dietary choice for everybody, just for a limited group of people. Here is […]

Is Obesity Actually Due To A Genetic Disorder Or Eating Disorder?

Nowadays people are too lazy to do some activity at home, just to lay on the bed and eat junk food while using phone, they don’t understand what they are doing with their health. It’s being a daily routine for lazy people and it’s being an eating disorder while social media and Mukbang videos are […]

What Actually Slimming Supplements Do To Your Body?

As I heard about slimming supplements, they don’t make any difference in your body, but there’s a little scientific evidence that slimming supplements works, some can interact or interfere with medications, I have researched about slimming supplement, and there is no good thing about it .it may cause heart issues and may lead you insomnia […]

This Ramadan Maintain Healthy Hydration Levels

Since Ramadan falls during the warmer months of the year, it is essential to bear in mind that the hot and humid weather increases water loss in the body. With over 60% of the human body consisting of water, it’s vital that fluids remain an integral part of our dietary habits, even during Ramadan. The first-of-its-kind BPA Free 5-gallon alkaline water in the UAE, Aquaplus can save you from […]

Does Workout Classes Actually Make a Difference?

Ballerinas are associated with many things; beauty, grace, elegance and power. I came to learn first-hand just how powerful they are after my first barre workout class at Barre Effect. Barre Effect is a fitness studio in Dubai, where women can be part of a safe, empowered, active and strong community. I had little knowledge […]

The Wonders/Benefits of Daily Walk

Walking is the simplest, easiest, practical, and one of the most effective forms of exercise that anyone can do. It is a great way to improve your looks and more importantly, maintain your physical, mental, and emotional health, without going to the gym. A 30-minute walk daily can do wonders for your well-being. It can […]

Big Effects at Barre Effect

Barre Effect is excited to announce that their studio doors are now open.  Located in the heart of Jumeirah, Barre Effect is the definitive Barre workout and set to be an empowering community, bringing positive and likeminded females together to have fun and workout hard and effectively. The distinctive 50-minute classes are musically driven, each […]