Heart To Heart with Leah Van Dale | COVER STORY

Leah Van Dale, a formidable opponent in the WWE arena and a favorite of millions of fans is now embracing a full life outside of the ring. Leah has demonstrated resilience in recovering from injuries and finding pleasure in her personal life with her husband, fellow WWE star Matt Polinsky, in addition to her amazing athletic abilities. Leah acts as an inspiration for aspiring athletes by illustrating that life’s successes go far beyond the boundaries of the wrestling ring as she develops and forges her career outside of the WWE. Leah Van Dale demonstrates that she is a true champion in life as well as in the squared circle with her persistent commitment and unflappable personality.


I’m grateful to be part of the women’s evolution in WWE. My name will forever go down in history, and I’m so grateful for that. We’re no longer at a point where we have to celebrate the fact the women are in the main event or having a ladder match because it’s become the norm,  and that’s the way it should be. My hope for the future is for the women to have strong meaningful stories that continue to push the envelope and remind everyone how capable our women are.” Says Leah


Editor-in-chief MG
Wording By Mali Ahmed
Interview By Fami
Photography By Bria Marie
Makeup By Tanesha Cameron
Hair By Christy Pickell


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