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Here Are Five Design Tips Everyone Should Know When Buying Furniture

One step at a time

Most of us just jump straight into choosing a colour palette for our home. However, based on expert advice, the best thing you can do first is look at furniture pieces and let that inspire you. Don’t get into the mistake of choosing your colour palette first as you might get stuck choosing furniture items that don’t match the aesthetic you’re going for.


Set your focal point


Interior design rule of thumb: place one single showstopper in each room. You can easily get carried away and add too many so be careful. Create one design focal point, like a fireplace, extravagant sofa, or statement wallpaper and work around that.

Add a timeless base layer


Always make sure your room is created of layers for you to be able to easily mix and match. Work around a three layer rule; a base layer that includes your biggest furniture like sofas, beds, or dining tables. A second layer for your smaller furniture such as side tables or a statement single chair. And the last layer that includes textiles and accessories. Make your base layer as classic as possible to be able to have more flexibility with your second and third base layer.

Play with different proportions

It’s important to play with different proportions. Don’t be afraid to add big and small pieces across your space, this will add drama and maintain less clutter. Go for a dining table and add an extra large chandelier to balance out that space and create synergy.

Put effort into your entryway


We can’t stress this enough but entryways are so important as they’re the first thing anyone will see the second they step foot into your home. Therefore, spend more time and effort creating that everlasting first impression. Add a mirror, table, and a lounge chair if possible and create that perfect entryway.


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