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Here Are Some Guest Room Ideas To Help Your Guests Feel At Home 

Holiday season has begun! The time where family and friends bundle up and stay over for a couple of days to catch up and have a fun time. As much as hosting guests can be a joyful experience, making sure your guests are welcomed and comfortable is always a stressful matter. Don’t worry, below inspirational home decor brand DWELL shares it’s own guide to creating a relaxing and inviting room for your guests.

Comfort Over Everything


Rule one, don’t give your guests old furniture. Invest in their rest, meaning, provide them with a comfortable bed, a good mattress, and luxurious pillows and bedding; trust us when we say it makes a huge difference in their stay!

Remember, Less Is More 


A simple, clean, and sleek room is always inviting. Take into consideration that those guests have lots of luggage with them and need as much space as possible. Opt for a minimal room with the basic necessities needed.  

Drawer Space and Fresh Flowers


Yes, they’re staying for a couple of days but no one wants to live out of their suitcase for days. Free up some drawer space to make sure no clutter gathers, for yours and your guests’ sake. Lastly, add some fresh flowers to live up the room, it’s such a small detail to add but shows how excited you are to have them over!


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