Here Are Some Tips To Help You Look Beautiful During The Holidays

It’s the holiday season, and trees aren’t the only things to be glowing. It’s important to care for your skin too, especially because of the dry wind and the reduced temperature. With this in mind, skincare brand for the region from the region Peacefull shares some of their tips to help maximise your glow this season. 


Don’t skip cleanse day
Start your day right by cleansing your face. Wash your face with a cleanser just like the Mugwort Clay Mask that has a rich creamy texture which foams perfectly to clean your face deeply and washes off easily without stripping your skins natural moisture.

Tone it up!
Toning is an important part of any skincare regime. Go for an enriched toner that seamlessly shrinks the appearance of your pores and makes your skin less oily to get a freshly toned face.

Moisturize baby  
Makeup, exfoliating and laser treatments, some face washes, and chemical peels, tend to dry out the skin. Hence the need to moisturize and ensure the skin protective barrier stays intact and remains supple. dryness of the skin.   


Illuminated eyes

To give your skin that additional touch of care, you can also go for an eye cream. In fact, the Peptide Eye Cream is a hero product in Peacefull’s Hya Centella! range. The sherbet formulation is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling silky and buttery whilst still delivering advanced moisturizing benefits and instant brightening, lifting and cooling through its active ingredients. 

Parched? Stay hydrated, please
Dehydration is a sure-fire way to wreak havoc on your skin, think anything from breakouts to dryness. But there is an easy fix – drink more water. At Peacefull, we are firm believers that what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. So get yourself a reusable water bottle and sip on some agua.


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