Here Are The Five Life Saving Beauty Tips From The Experts

As the hottest month of the year tumbles into our lives, you might start to notice some changes to your skin due to increased sun exposure, as well excess heat, and humidity.  Common summer skincare challenges often include breakouts, pigmentation, dehydration, and a lackluster complexion. While your everyday skincare routine will help keep your skin maintained there are some additional steps that you should follow during the warmer months to look after your skin and ensure it’s in the best condition.


Luckily, the skin experts at NRBeauty salon know exactly how to tackle summer skin, reverse the effects of the summer heat, and help you achieve the healthy glow that you deserve all season long. Nestled in Dubai Motor City, NRBeauty is your place to get the most effective beauty treatments that will rejuvenate and protect your skin. 


Here are the top 5 tips from Naomi Bell, owner of NRBeauty salon and expert facialist to help you achieve that perfect summertime skin:

1.     Hydration
Water helps to maintain the moisture balance of your body and skin whilst also assisting in the detoxification process throughout our body. Make sure to drink 10+ glasses of water every day! This also prevents dehydration.  A great product that is purse worthy this summer is your rosewater Mist from Elemis, especially in air-conditioned areas and in the car. Just spritz and feel the hydration seeping through your pores.

2.     Sun Protection
If you are going outside without SPF then that’s an open invitation to the sun to invade your skin! UV rays are harmful especially in summer. Keep your skin protected with a minimum protection of SPF30 and apply it generously every couple of hours. 


3.     Exfoliation
The heat and dust make pimples a very common problem throughout the summer and leave us with breakouts. Exfoliation also helps to remove dull and dead skin, adding an enzymatic exfoliator once a week into your skincare regime at home will do wonders to your skin.

4.     Cut down on makeup
Minimise your makeup through the summertime and add a lot of lip balms to your routine to keep your pores clear and your lips supple.

5.     Change moisturiser
The reality is you need to now switch over to a lightweight and non-greasy moisturizer and you need to make up for the loss of moisture in the skin. As your oily winter lotions are not going to help during the summer times as when seasons change so does our skin!


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