Hottest Makeup Trends We Expect To See This Summer

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Well if your summer plan didn’t work out for you, doesn’t mean you betray your color palette for the season. Pastel lids have always been trendy and they spark up the summer when you think of colors like Lavender, pink, yellow, and green. Even though every color is my favorite but here are few suggestions listed below that are the hottest eyeliner trend from abstract to very traditional summer look.

Summers is all about endorsing minimalism, because of the sweaty weather, you do not want to put on a lot of makeup. Obsessing over a simple summer trend and looking after linear eye makeup graphic line look is what you need.

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With the blazing sun on top of our heads, time to kick aside red lip because summer 2021 is going to be all about lively pink lipsticks. Sheer pink cheeks complementing throughout look is a bonus

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Instead of trying bold lip line, go bold on your eyes by taking graphic eyeliner trend one step ahead and lining up some abstract linear on eyes. If being playful isn’t your thing go for lighter shades especially yellow liner, as they say, less is more! Right? 

Unaiza Ismail
Unaiza Ismail

Unaiza Ismail is a Pakistani visual artist and feminist based in UAE with an interest in writing. Interests include a focus on aesthetics and their impact on society and the need to inject this energy, flow of ideas where she can contribute her skills.

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