How Animal Prints Will Stay In Style Forever

When it comes to fashion design, designers must draw inspiration from a unique source, such as nature’s beauty, mood swings, artworks, and so on, in order to create the most spectacular designs. However, the finest subject to get inspired from that has all of the characteristics to create a one-of-a-kind piece owing to their limitations are the animal kingdoms. Designers has proven to make the most fantastic clothing pieces that have never been seen before due to their animal source of inspiration. Here are the top 5 dresses that seemed to take inspiration from animal species. 

Blazing Phyllodesmium Seatum 

The Blazing Phyllodesmium Seatum, a bright type of sea slug with a wide range of colors, was the inspiration for this lovely piece by Atsugi Takanashi. The hues of the animal, as well as its wavy horn-like projections covering its body, looks like it inspired the design.

Boiga Sendrophila

This garment by Balmain looks a lot like the beautiful Bogia Dendrophia, often known as the Yellow-Ringed Cat Snake. The parallels between the two are unmistakable. The snake is distinguished by its banded black and yellow mouths, as well as the districted yellow bands that run throughout its body. The pattern on the bottom of the garment is based on the snake’s mouth pattern, and the colors are are spot-on.

Lucernaria Quadricornis 

One of the most beautiful creatures that live in deep dark places looked very similar to an incredible dress the brand Antonio Grimaldi created. The design on the top border of the strapless dress, which resembles the animal’s exquisite fingers, is the most visible resemblance between the outfit and the lucernaria quadricornis.

Rose Butterfly

The fascinating rose butterfly was a twin in design to this extremely stunning Dior gown. The velvety black wings, diagonal patterns, and vivid crimson spots of the butterfly have captivated the attention of Dior designers.

Rosetail Halfmoon Betta

This pink gorgeous Moschino dress appeared to be a carbon copy of the rosetail halfmoon betta fish. The rosetail’s dorsal and caudal fins overlap when the fins are spread open, mimicking the petals of a rose, precisely like the clothing. Let’s not disregard the stunning metallic pink color likeness as well.

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