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How much could Instagram’s most popular virtual influencers earn in a year?

Online influencers raking in the cash, whilst posting snippets of their enviable lifestyles all over social media, has become the norm. But, some of the personalities we see only exist in the digital world. And they could be making millions. RANT Casino calculated how much Instagram’s most popular virtual influencers could be making from sponsored posts alone. 


Lu do Magalu – $16.2 million

Via: Instagram @magazineluiza

First in the rankings is Lu do Magalu: a social media star in Brazil with over 6.4 million Instagram followers, created by Brazilian retail brand Magalu. Originally focused on content such as unboxing videos and product reviews on behalf of the company, Lu now also shares her life and takes a stand on political matters, such as advocating for LGBT rights. Lu is no longer just a sales tool, but a fully fledged influencer and personality. As one of the most loved and well-known influencers in Brazil, this non-human icon could earn over $16 million per year on Instagram aloneCB of Casas Bahia – $8.2 million

Via: Instagram @casasbahia 

Next up in the rankings is CB, another product of a Brazilian retail giant, this time Casas Bahia. Like Lu do Magalu, CB’s content is not exclusive to product advertisement for the brand; he shares his love of video games, movies, memes and more with his almost 4 million Instagram followers. This animated virtual teen has the potential to earn over $8 million on Instagram aloneAny Malu – $613K

Via: Instagram @anymalu_real 

Third in the rankings is Any Malu: a virtual influencer turned Cartoon Network star who has the potential to make over $600K annually from her Instagram presence alone. The animated figure from Brazil has over 3 million YouTube subscribers as well as over half a million followers on Instagram. Originally created by production company Combo Estúdio as a marketing tool, Any Malu began making videos on YouTube and is now the star of her own animated Cartoon Network television show: O (sur)real mundo de Any Malu (English: Any Malu’s Surreal World). Noonoouri – $172K

Via: Instagram @noonoouri 

Next up is Noonoouri: a digital style icon who has made waves in the fashion world. The animated fashionista has worked with the likes of Dior, Valentino, MiuMiu, Kim Kardashian and more; a list that most real-life influencers only dream of. Noonoouri also brings awareness to social issues and advocates for animal rights to her over 400K followers on Instagram. From her Instagram platform, Noonoouri could be making over $170K per yearLeya Love – $152K

Via: Instagram @leyalovenature 

Next in the rankings is a virtual influencer with a bigger mission: Leya Love is an ambassador for the “World Awareness Movement” and encourages her 383K Instagram followers to embrace positivity and love the planet. With the platform she has built from spreading her positive messages, the virtual activist and influencer could make $152K per year from Instagram.



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