How To Achieve The Celestial Makeup Trend That Dominated New York Fashion Week

From the runways of New York Fashion Week to our TikTok feeds, ‘celestial makeup’ is the latest beauty trend that is garnering plenty of attention both on and off the runways. The trend that is being dubbed online as ‘celestialcore’ is all about creating a futuristic and space-age look with bold, metallic makeup styles. 


Nick Drewe, the Trends Expert at Online Discounts Platform Wethrift, has weighed in on the popular trend and how to achieve this ‘otherworldly’ beauty look.

“Obviously, the main focus of Fashion Week is clothing. However, the hair and makeup look really do complete the finished look. Across New York Fashion Week, which took place last week, we have seen the celestial beauty trend featured in several runway shows, from several high-profile fashion houses. 

“With shimmering eyeshadows and frosted makeup looks, this beauty trend encompasses an ethereal and almost cyber-esque look, to create an overall visual that is almost alien-like in appearance. 

“The space age theme was heavily reflected across New York Fashion Week, with the makeup looks from shows by Thom Browne, Altuzarra, and Prabal Gurung grabbing plenty of media attention and across social media. 


“The space-inspired looks were used to create a whimsical yet futuristic display on the runways, receiving high praise for the way that they complemented the clothing on display and completed the overall looks of the models. 

“The trend has been reflected widely across social media, with the hashtag #celestialmakeup receiving a staggering 7.6 million views. With a growing focus on celestial makeup tutorials across the platform, it’s clear that celestial core is indicative of future makeup trends. We’ll likely see a shift away from minimalistic looks this year, to more of a heightened focus on achieving graphic artistry with makeup. 

So, how do you achieve the celestial look? Nick has listed the key elements to focus on when replicating a celestial glam-inspired look at home: 

Use metallic pigments

Prabal Gurung. Photo: Hunter Abrams

Minimalism is out of the window when it comes to celestial core
makeup. The key essence of this trend is embracing the outer space look with bold, shimmering eye shadows. 

Typically, colors associated with the trend include pale blues and pinks. If you want to go ultra-metallic and replicate the looks seen during New York Fashion Week, try using silver and gold metallic tones around the eyes.


Remember, this style of makeup isn’t about embracing the warm, summer tones. To really achieve this killer look, it’s all about utilising a frosted, metallic look. Think cold tones with your makeup, excess shimmering highlighter, or even going all-out with frosted lips. This really is the perfect makeup look to bring into spring.

Apply glitter

Glitter is another great way to add a little shimmer and sparkle to your space age look, without breaking the bank on expensive products. Apply some glitter around the eyes, or even across your entire face if you’re feeling bold and want to look extra spacey. 



Remember, the celestial core isn’t necessarily about catering to your typical everyday makeup looks, so don’t be afraid to experiment and get a little creative when it comes to creating an avant-garde look. To really achieve that top-quality space-age look, accessories such as gems, pearls, stars or other metallic adornments are often added to the face, usually across the eyebrows or below the eyes.

Don’t worry about asymmetry 

Altuzarra. Photo: Hunter Abrams

Celestialcore moves away from the usual standard of super-sharp and symmetrical makeup artistry, instead focusing on asymmetrical looks, allowing for human error. Perfect for those at home who are looking to experiment with this avant-garde makeup style, who may feel they don’t have the usual skills to execute completely flawless designs.


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