How to add printed leggings to your spring outfits

Is it just me or are you all also feeling that 2021 has finally brought a breath of fresh air and excitement? Speaking of which, it’s now time to forget the boring outfits since the pandemic started and focus on printed leggings – YES, you read it right. After relying on leggings to dress up our winter outings to the park (socially-distanced, of course), you need to stock the stylish—and practical—wardrobe trend this spring season. All those beautiful shapes and sizes can look hot if you wear the ‘trend of 2021’s summer’ with the right style. As long as you want to utilize them to the T, you could style printed leggings to pop with any shoe wear, tops, activewear, and even pair with denim. Just remember that if you feel oversized, pair them with plain colors instead of wearing prints all over to avoid too much going on.

So how to wear prints in Spring? Ready to learn a few style tricks? Read on!

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Hello, there 2021! The most stylish girls will agree that leggings can be worn in fun and unique ways- from animal prints to wearing them with high heels, the ‘regular’ leggings are suitable for all ages and occasions.

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Anyone who said printed leggings need to be boring has to be wrong! Instead of full length, why not opt for Capri length in the hot summer and get heads turning! Pair them with colorful accessories if worn with plain tops and that’s one more like for a seriously chic look.

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The floral bottoms can be easily styled with solid color shirts or matched with the same colour of a handbag to give it a coordinated look. If you’re one of those vibrant and bright, then wear them with even theme t-shirts! Such designs will instantly transform the look of your outfit.

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