How to become a material girl

The trend of being a material girl has taken over this generation. Although being a material girl all started all the way back in the 1980s by the American singer Madonna, the style made a comeback in 2022. Being a materialistic girl simply means enjoying the finest things in life including pearls, Chanel, heels, and much more. If you wanted to hop in on the trend then we are here to help you at the starting line. Here are some tricks on how to become a fabulous material girrrrlll!


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Picking certain colors can change the entire mood of an outfit and can tell a lot about someone’s character. Pastel colors and fuchsia pink are the perfect vibe for material girls. They are soft and elegant, they are also very girly and feminine. 



What goes very well with every outfit? PEARLS AND DIAMONDS of course. Now we know how expensive actual pearls and diamonds can be, but we live in 2022 and alternatives have been created. You can also style your outfits with vintage accessories including rings, necklaces, and earrings. 


Heart Glasses Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

You have to add glamorous sunglasses to your look to shade out all the negativity of your sight. Try on cute heart-shaped glasses that you can place on top of your head on your hair. 


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An outfit always needs a purse for you to place all your fabulous items like lipstick, perfume, wallet, and phone. Adding a well-known brand purse can show people you ae expensive and get enjoy the finest things in the market. 

Pink Rhinestone Sparkly Heels Ankle Strap Pumps for Work, Formal event,  Ball | FSJ


The best thing to show a woman’s figure is heels. Adding heels to an outfit always rings the look to an upper level. To add a glamourous heel full of sparkles or light pastel-colored heels. 

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