How to Get the Perfect Soap Brows

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If you are an avid follower of Instagram, YouTube and TikTok beauty, then you’ll know all about soap brows. What was once an industry makeup hack is now a phenomenon across social media platforms. Soap brows are your answer to the perfect bushy and feathery brows. However, if you’re hearing about soap brows for the first time, you might be wondering why they are called “soap brows”. This is because they are achieved, quite literally, with soap. In the industry, some artists would use soap to hold and shape brows because it had a stronger hold and was a more affordable alternative to brow gel. The hack is simple but creates bold yet natural-looking brows. All you need is setting spray,
a spoolie and a bar of transparent soap. Pears transparent soap is extremely popular with the trend but if you are not keen on using soap on your brows, other companies have made alternatives such as ‘West Barn Co’s Soap Brow Grooming Kit’. So now that we know what soap brows are and what we need for them, how exactly are they done?

Spray the bar of the soap with setting spray, then use your spoolie to brush on the surface of the soap to pick up the product. Make sure not to pick up too much to avoid having clumps of soap in your brows. Refrain from using too much setting spray so that the mixture isn’t too runny as well.

Use the spoolie to brush your brows flat against your face. You can also use your fingers to press your brows flat.

You can style your brows in whatever way you like. If you want a simple brow, you can brush your brows upwards and when you approach the edge of the hair curve your spoolie, making your way to the tip of the brows.

You can even use your spoolie with setting spray to brush through your brows to separate the hairs, to create a more feathered look. Feel free to conceal or fill in your brows to make them appear thicker, or leave them as-is for a more natural look. And you’re done! It’s as simple as that.

Head over to your nearest pharmacy, grocery or beauty store to get that bar of soap, so that you can try out this trend and show off your stunning brows with this trend.

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