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How to Incorporate Sculpture in Your Interior Design

Most of us look at changing the paint, furniture, wallpaper, or decor accessories when we’re looking for a quick space refreshment. However, little did we know that decorative sculptures are a great way to enhance the beauty of your interior without having to make big changes or makeovers. 

Homegrown luxury interior decor and furniture brand, Al Huzaifa, is here to give a few tips on how decorative sculptures upgrade your home interior.


On the floor


The easiest and best way to add some drama and grab the attention of your guests is with a pedestal. Choose the right design that matches your space aesthetic and place it at focal points on the floor. 

On bookshelves


Create a jaw dropping display by adding pieces of decorative sculptures on your bookshelf. Based on your style and preference, mix small and large sculptures in various colours to create the ultimate look. 

Design tip: smaller pieces placed in the front and large ones in the back 

On tables or counsels 


Last but not least, don’t underestimate that empty space in your room. Choose attention-grabbing pieces that are bold, contemporary, and modern. These will surely add some remarkableness to your decor and, of course, your guests will look in awe!

Bonus tips from us: don’t go overboard with your design, make sure there is enough space for each sculpture to shine, avoid placing sculptures behind busy backgrounds and lastly, give them plenty of light.

No matter the shape, size, or form, trust us when we say that decorative sculptures will always make a statement. Go ahead and start shopping!


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