How to Select the Best False Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Who said shoes are a girls’ best friend when falsies exist? If false eyelashes are still uncharted territory, all you need to know is that wearing them is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a next-level look. They can completely enhance the shape of your eye by making them look bigger, brighter and sexier. However, there’s a fine line between looking powerful and looking overpowered – and that heavily depends on your chosen style, fit and application. Shopping for the perfect pair of lashes can also seem like a daunting mission with all the various styles on the market, but if you identify your eye shape, as well as know how to trim and glue on lashes, then you’re onto a winner.

From eye shape descriptions to flattering lash suggestions, here’s a quick pairing guide on what you need to know when searching for your match made in falsies heaven.


For Hooded Eyes
Hooded eyes mean you have a veil of skin above your crease and the majority of the lid retracts into the crease when you open your eyes – think Blake Lively or Jennifer Lawrence. In this case, it’s best to frame your alluring eyes with natural-looking multilayered falsies, with the longest lashes being right above the centre of your eye to create depth. You also want to avoid swamping them with overly thick, dramatic lashes as they’ll only close the eyes up.

Some great picks are: House of Lashes – Siren, Pinky Goat – Reem and Velour Lashes – Loose Ends.

For Monolid Eyes
Prevalent among Asian women, mono-lidded eyes lack a visible eyelid crease as it’s covered by skin. Those with mono-lid eyes also tend to have very straight eyelashes, meaning they have the luxury of rocking most falsies in order to create length, curl and volume to show off that beautiful eye shape. If you have monolid eyes, the best falsies for you are long and wispy multilayered lashes that open up your eyes and give them dimension, as well as lashes with graduated length to help elongate the eye.


Some faves for monolid eyes include: House of Lashes – Dollface, Pinky Goat – Dunia and Benefit Cosmetics – Pin Up Lash.

For Almond Eyes
Just like an almond, these eyes are longer than they are round, tapering to a point at the ends with no whites showing above or below the iris. Beyoncé and Angelina Jolie have textbook examples of seductively symmetrical almond-shaped eyes and can luckily get away with basically any lash style they lay their eyes on because of that naturally curved upper lash line. If you have almond eyes, then you can choose short or long, natural or glam the list goes on. But to really show off your eye shape, then pick fluffy strip lashes with evenly distributed volume along the band.

A few perfect picks include: Lilly Lashes – Miami, Ardell – Wispies 113 and Pinky Goat – Arwa.


For Round Eyes
When I imagine round eyes, the Olsen twins immediately spring to mind. Big and bright, the whites around the iris are visible, and the height and width are indistinguishable. To compliment and balance out that circular shape, opt for wispy falsies that are long at the centre to bring depth before fanning outwards to create a flirty, cat-eye effect. Focus on curly, lightweight lashes, and avoid thick, heavy styles as they can weigh the gorgeous doe-eyes down and make them look smaller.

Some flirty, feathery favourites include: Doll Beauty Lashes – Kimberley, Doll Beauty Lashes – Olivia and Huda Beauty Faux Mink Lashes – Noelle.


For Upturned Eyes
An upturned eye, also known as a cat eye, is similar to an almond-shaped eye, except the outer ends tilt upwards, as seen on Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift. Since the eye already has a strikingly exotic appearance, upturned eyes look best in light, fluttery lashes with extra volume on the outer corners to subtly accentuate the natural eye lift.


Options include: House of Lashes – Boudoir Lite, Kiss Lashes – Flirty and Unicorn Cosmetics 3D Vegan Silk Lashes – Clementine.

For Downturned Eyes
Just like Marilyn Monroe’s peepers, downturned eyes have a slight dip at the ends and could definitely

benefit from falsies as they help create an upwards illusion. If this is your eye shape, then the cat-eye is your best friend as you want to extend the outer edges for a winged effect, creating the lifted length needed to accentuate your eyes. Go all out and try a full lash strip that flares at the ends, like: Tarteist PRO Cruely-Free Lashes – Wifey, Huda Beauty Faux Mink Lashes – Marilyn, and Ardell Faux Mink Lashes – 811.

Lara Elcheik
Lara Elcheik

Lara Elcheik is a freelance writer covering all things beauty and lifestyle. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kent and is currently based between London and Abu Dhabi.

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