I’m Obsessed with Feather Flock Jewelry Trend & Why You Should Be Too!

Designed and handmade in the US, this collection features a set of gorgeous jewelry pieces intricately designed with the bird motif. Staying true to Aiche’s love of crystals and wellness, each piece is expertly fused with precious stones such as Turquoise, Moonstone, Onyx, and Rose quartz, to name a few, merging into a luxurious design.

“I have always seen birds as the ultimate symbol of freedom and spiritual evolution…Throughout cultures and generations, they have been known to inspire a deep desire to live fearlessly and love without limits. When you adorn yourself in the energy of this totem, you subconsciously grant your free spirit the chance to spread its wings and take flight. And the sky’s the limit.
” – Jacquie Aiche 

Labradorite beaded onyx thunderbird necklace – $3,125
Lapis thunderbird trillion tourmaline beaded necklace – $8,625
Pave diamond sitting bird ring – $3,400
Diamond turquoise thunderbird drop earrings – $2,500.j
Pave onyx black thunderbird necklace – $8,250

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