Indi Star an Extraordinary and Multifaceted Artist | COVER STAR

JAMO Magazine August Issue Ft. Indi Star

“I love getting into my character’s head and playing around with how she would react to situations and what she would say,” Says Indi Star. At only 14, She is living a busy life with an extraordinary and multifaceted career. She is a talented actress, singer, dancer, model, and content creator. Starring in Brat TV’s series, Charmers and Indi also released a new single “AfterGlow” In June. “To me, the “Afterglow” theme of the song is describing that time in a relationship when everything is new and just feels so amazing. It’s the time before reality sets in and you realize everything is not perfect,” Says Indi Star.


The future seems bright for Indi, with a busy Acting & Music career, nothing seems to be impossible, I had a chat with Indi as we discussed her career, How social media has been for her Plus! reaching a million followers. Is she doing what she loves and how she chooses the characters she plays.  “Everything honestly! Learning my lines was so much fun, filming it was even better, and being in the make-up room getting ready for scenes was also one of my favorites.” 


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