Internet Sensation Jaylin James On Fame, Football and Fashion

TikTok star Jaylin James, 24, is famous for his vlogs and dancing videos. As a former football player who studied digital communication and media, he has blown up in the past year for a viral tiktok that has received over 2 million views. I sat down with Jaylin to discuss his social media stardom, future plans, and what he does when he is not creating content.


So good to have you Jaylin, so what are you up to nowadays?
As of today, I am currently working full-time for my medical sales company (Exactech) and also creating content as an influencer. My platforms consist of TikTok, Instagram, Triller, and YouTube. 

Your dance moves have girls crushing over you, have you always been into dancing or it’s a new interest?
I actually have always been into dancing, just never professionally. I have taught myself everything when it comes to dancing and strictly just learning from other people and professional dancers. 

You are mostly seen in scrubs in your TikTok videos, when do you film those? at lunchtime or whenever you get a chance? 
Most of my filming comes off the clock. Whether that is before surgery or after, almost all my filming is when I am not working at the moment. 

What do your co-workers think of your TikToks and you being famous? 
My co-workers, as well as my bosses, find it pretty amusing but they also love to hackle me for it. For the most part, though, they find it interesting and are happy for me.


You Played Football for UNI, and now you are in medical sales, how did this transition happen, and did you ever want to pursue a career in football? 
I did play football at UNI. To this day, I still wish I would have just gotten one opportunity to play in the NFL. Before any of the social media fame, football was my main passion and what I wanted to do until I retired but God had different plans for me! Also, to clear up confusion for a lot of people, I am a medical sales rep and not a surgeon. 

What a day in your life is like? 
My days can be all over the place. My days mainly depend on whether I have to attend surgeries for work or not. On days I have surgeries, I show up an hour early and make sure we have everything in the OR that we need. As the surgery process continues, I make sure that the scrub technician has everything in order for the surgery and if there is any confusion or questions about our equipment or implants, I am there to help and answer questions. On days I do not have surgeries, I may have the stuff to do around the hospital to prepare for the surgeries to come. If not, I work out five to six times a week, I create content, I love hanging out with people and playing video games. 

What are some of your favorite songs? 
I never really have favorite songs because they change so much for me but some of my favorite artists are Rod Wave, Polo G, Drake, Frank Ocean, and many more. 


Where do you see yourself next year? 
Next year at this time, I see myself wherever God calls me! Some of my personal dreams now are to move to L.A. and pursue a full-time career creating content and possibly acting and honestly just stepping out of my comfort zone to try new talents and abilities. 

Your TikTok is growing massively, how does that feel? 
It is truly a blessing. Without God, none of it would be possible and He deserves all the glory. I just want to use this opportunity and platform to spread the Gospel, love, and be a light to the world! 

Jaylin Your style seems very casual yet Trendy, How would you describe Your style? 
I would say I do have a very casual style. When I get the chance to dress up and put my personality into an outfit, I like to think I can pull off almost anything! 


Favorite Fashion pieces in your wardrobe? 
My favorite fashion pieces in my wardrobe have to be my shoes and vintage tees. I have taken a lot of time in the past year to expand my wardrobe with more shoes and vintage tees for the summer look. This fall, I cannot wait to venture into a completely new look and seek new ideas for the colder weather. 

Do you see making music or acting in the future? 
Yes, I do. I believe that I have musical talent but I just have not found it yet due to the fact that I have not tried to pursue it. This also applies to acting. I believe I can do anything I put my mind to, so whether it is singing, playing an instrument, making music, or acting, I would do anything to make it happen. 

Finally, is there anything I missed out that you would like to add? 
Iโ€™d like to take this opportunity to thank God for all the blessings He has given me. I would also like to say thank you to all my supporters. And lastly give a special shout out to my mom, dad, sister, and brother. I love all of you!


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