Meet Young Justin Bieber in the Making Named Ryder Tully 

Ryder Tully, an upcoming and fast-growing music artist is a young boy who follows his dreams of being a singer and dancer ever since he was two years old. While studying at the St. Monica Catholic School in Dallas, Texas, Ryder has also released his first single “It’s Alright” on June 25th, 2021 across multiple streaming platforms, giving him the nickname “New Justin Bieber”.


How are you handling the fast-growing success as a young music artist?
It is happening fast but it’s just a lot of fun. I want more!!

Is it hard managing both the songwriting and school work at the St. Monica Catholic School?
I would like to be homeschooled but I do what I can with the time I have. 

You have mentioned multiple times that dancing and singing was your dream since you were 2, did any other interests pop up during the years other than those?
I love art but music and dancing are my favorite. 

How long did the process of creating your first single take?
It took two weeks to write it then 9 months to finish due to Covid. And then a couple more months to get it released.


Has it been hard to produce music during the Covid-19 virus outbreak?
Yes. Everything takes longer now. 

Have there been any complications at school because of your success? Did people start to treat you differently?
Yes! People that are happy for me are very nice and the jealous ones are mean. 

In your new single, “It’s Alright”, you sing about summer and how you don’t want it to end. What was your inspiration for the lyrics?
Summer is my favorite time of year and is very low stress without school.


How long did it take you to write the song and create the music?
Two weeks then a few months to create the beat.

Before your first single release, you have previously performed on multiple occasions singing not only your original but also other songs such as dance monkey. Did you ever have stage fright or have you always been this confident in front of an audience?
I’ve always been confident because my parents record me all the time at home.

You have recently performed at the Music City Mall in Lewisville, Texas. How did it feel to meet your fans and perform your song in front of an audience?
I love it. It feels amazing!


Many people call you the new Justin Bieber. Is he your artist idol or is there anyone else who you look up to?
Michael Jackson and Gavin Magnus 

What advice would you give to other young upcoming artists?
Be confident and don’t worry about what others think.  Don’t pay attention to the haters.

<strong>Anastasia Makarycheva</strong>
Anastasia Makarycheva

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