Inverse your aging process with Dr. Belmeur’s new Total Youth Biome Range

The Face Shop has introduced the ultimate anti-aging life hack to adapt in your early 20s, exclusively available at The Face Shop stores and online in UAE

Sagging skin, wrinkles, lack of resilience, dehydration, dull skin tone – we are all familiar with the signs of aging skin. But when do we begin to incorporate an easy-to-follow and effective skincare routine? The short answer is – NOW! Your 20s are the ideal age to get on the anti-aging bandwagon. Mature gracefully whilst you keep your glow and radiance. 


The Face Shop, the biggest K-beauty one-stop shop in the nation, has introduced its brand-new Total Youth Biome collection by Dr. Belmeur, the ultimate skincare secret to protect the skin from aging. The extensive line of products has been developed to give you the confidence you need by retaining your radiant glow and flawless skin. This is made possible by the formula, which fights five rapidly developing signs of age.

The 5-component Anti-Aging Complex used in the all-natural Dr. Belmeur product line will leave your skin soft, smooth, nourished, and radiant.

Total Youth Biome Multi-Balm 

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The Total anti-aging multi-balm protects the eye and glabella areas that require anti-wrinkle care from developing nasolabial lines and wrinkles. A portable stick-type balm product that softly spreads on the skin and offers ample moisturization and resilience care More than 85% of the chemicals in the product are naturally derived and include anti-wrinkle and whitening properties. 

Total Youth Biome Ampoule

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 Total anti-aging ampoule makes lifeless skin firm, smooth, and radiant. The rich, syrupy texture of the ampoule deeply absorbs into the skin, leaving it feeling dense and nourished while addressing other indications of aging like elasticity loss, dryness, and pores. Hyaluronic acid and betaine in the ampoule help to keep the skin hydrated, while propolis provides adhesive radiance care. 

Total Youth Biome Cream 


The five signs of skin aging—wrinkles, elasticity, pores, moisturization, and skin tone—are all addressed by total anti-aging cream, that completes the appearance of all-around firming, three-dimensionally resilient skin. A certified trustworthy product with anti-wrinkle and brightening effects that has been clinically proven to improve 360-degree resilience and elasticity. The rich cream formula offers a viscous, resilient feel with a creamy texture that softly melts on the skin, leaving with a floral, woody fragrance. Infused with lactic acid bacteria to help restore the face, this facial cream targets the early indications of aging skin.

Total Youth Biome Cream Special Set 


The derma biome anti-aging solution takes care of 5 rapidly occurring early symptoms of skin aging such as wrinkles, lack of resilience and moisture, enlarged pores, and dull skin tone. The highly moisturizing total anti-aging cream completes the look of all-around three-dimensional resilience at the skin’s core, on the other hand, the total anti-aging ampoule makes lifeless skin smooth, firm, and radiant. The set also comes with a viscous, creamy foam-type cleanser enriched with moisturizing compounds derived from amino acids and glycerin, which leaves skin hydrated without feeling stiff. Rich, deep lather spreads easily to gently cleanse the skin and leave it feeling pleasantly bare. Special combo cream and ampoule sets are available in stores and online. 

All new Dr. Belmeur products and Buy More Save More Offers, are available across The Face Shop stores in the UAE & online. For more information, visit:


You might occasionally wonder, “Am I using the right skin care products?” The Face Shop is here to answer all of your queries.

The best part of it all? The Face Shop offers complimentary skin analysis to all customers across their stores! The analyses include a complete consultation with a beauty expert along with a detailed report highlighting skin concerns related to acne, moisture, sebum, pores, wrinkles, sensitivity, melanin, and much more, and to help you identify what products are best suited for the skin.

Skin Analysis is a service you can avail of at any time with our beauty advisors in-stores and make it a part of your routine to get your skin analyzed on a monthly basis to measure the results of the products being used. Start your skincare journey with us Today!


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