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Is Discord the Future of Customer Engagement?

Major corporations have been expanding their outreach into social media for years at this point, but for the most part this endeavor has consisted of public posts on platforms such as Twitter or “X”,  and Instagram. These campaigns have resulted in viral moments and an ability for customers to voice their concerns in a more public space. But these public-facing platforms lack the intimacy and relationship-building among users that platforms like Discord allow. Discord offers a unique platform for companies to create online communities that go beyond traditional social media,with over 150 million active users; companies can create a dynamic channel to help enhance their brand’s reach and reputation. 


Tech executive Julie Taylor and software development expert Jacob Dahlman, help develop the tools, servers, content, and community moderation that makes Discord a thriving digital space for companies across a variety of industries. They have built a business helping those companies create and moderate online communities on Discord. Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Dahlman can speak to how this type of engagement sets itself apart from other social media campaigns:

  • Organic Brand Extension & Community Building: Discord provides businesses with an opportunity for brand extension, enabling them to engage with users in a more organic and community-focused manner. Additionally, Discord communities are self-selecting, meaning that individuals who engage with these communities are more likely to have a genuine interest in the shared information.
  • Integration & Moderation: Discord’s tools allow integration with other platforms, allowing companies to facilitate the seamless transition of customers to additional resources and activations. Moreover, effective moderation tools, such as those provided by Joyn, enable companies to maintain a safe and productive online environment by preventing divisive or malicious content creation.
  • Effective Server Management: Companies can benefit from being on Discord, but managing a Discord server demands significant time and resources, and can lead to potential risks, including damage to the company’s reputation. Joyn steps in as a solution, bridging the gap by offering expertise and tools to ensure these online spaces remain safe, enjoyable, and reflective of the company’s values.

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