It’s Her Time To Shine Ft. Renata Valliulina | COVER STORY

Today, Renata Valliulina is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, known for her aesthetically appealing films on a variety of themes such as lip-syncing, fashion, cosmetics, and travel, among others. Her adventure took her to Los Angeles, where she is still pursuing her passion and broadening her experiences. Not content to rest on her laurels, Valliulina has gone on a physical metamorphosis, dabbling in martial arts and stunt performance to broaden her skill set and material. Valliulina’s fame continues to rise as her list of accomplishments grows, promising even more intriguing material for her devoted fans.

JAMO Magazine Sept issue

Her flourishing celebrity status is sure to garner even more attention from her devoted fans as she continues to reach new milestones and accomplishments. It’s evident that she’s actively chasing her aspirations in Los Angeles, and her path is an amazing example of following one’s passion and adapting in the ever-changing world of entertainment. Renata Valliulina is expected to make more dramatic moves in the future.

During her interview with our Entertainment Editor, Fami, Valliulina delves into her unwavering dedication towards realizing her dreams. She opens up about her upbringing in Russia, highlighting the challenges she faced, and emphasizes her relentless pursuit of a star-studded life, built on her unyielding hard work and determination.


Editor-in-chief MG
Production and Photographer: Tat’yana Sadchikova
Hair By Olya Romanenko
Makeup By Mila Markeeva
Styling By Diana Vinokurova
Interview By Fami
Wording By Mali Ahmed


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