Kae Sera On Her Debut Single “Dames Jean”, 50’s inspired lyrics & More

Kae Sera is a singer who grew up in a nostalgic and rich in musical heritage Liverpool city. Growing up in a place that made bands famous made her blend notes of the ’50s and ’60s with electro-pop. Her debut single “Dames Jean” is a 50’s inspired vintage lyrical love letter. Kae is a songwriter who chooses her lyrics to be poetry, and so in this brand new single, you can hear her losing love and questioning gender and sexuality.  

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Hello, Kae! Thank you for joining us today. How do you feel now that your debut single “Dames Jean” came out? Are you satisfied? 
Hello Jamo, thanks for having me. Yes, I’m delighted, it has been a long time coming, given where we’ve all been during the last 18 months. It was more a case of when was the right time to release it so I am so pleased it is out there and now can showcase more material over the next few months. Had some really positive and kind messages on ‘Dames Jean’ and love seeing people use my song to soundtrack moments in their lives. It feels pretty electric when that happens! 

Could you tell us more about yourself so our readers can get to know you? 
Sure, I am a singer/songwriter from East London. I make ambient electro-pop and enjoy writing nostalgic-inspired lyrics. I grew up in Liverpool so when it comes to the UK I feel a pull to both the north and the south. Best of both! What else do you want to know….I like art, poetry, fashion, and culture…peanut butter lover, rubbish at cooking, better off asking me to sing instead. 

When did you start being interested in 50’s and 60’s music? 
Growing up in Liverpool influenced my musical direction and a particular fascination with the 50s and 60s music. There is such an eclectic mix of sound in the city. People are so proud of the music that comes out of the city and it is played continuously, no matter what era it came from. It did definitely broaden my musical horizons. You could dip in and out of chart music but ultimately I was always drawn to the real Merseybeat legends like the Beatles, Frankie Vaughan, etc. 

Who do you think is your main supporter at the moment? 
Probably the playlists on Spotify, it is amazing and flattering to see the titles of playlists I have been added to and it gives you a real insight as to what people associate with your sound. It’s all in the title, one was around ‘tracks that hit different after midnight’ and someone even added it to their ‘gardening playlist.’ Always a surprise being tagged in that selection! 


So you have mentioned in the past that “Dames Jean” gave you the ability to express your emotions properly and make better decisions in life, do you think that writing music is a therapy for you? 
1 million percent, sometimes writing music is like a modern-day diary entry, and when you sing it to someone it can feel a little exposing, but in a good way. It’s like lyrically getting something off your chest. I find music is a good way to make sense of something. A song has a beginning, middle, and end and that is also reflective of all life’s experiences. You can conclude a situation or time via music and that is rewarding and enlightening. 

Who are your idols in the music industry? 
So many! Santana, Moby, Fleetwood Mac, are just a few off the top of my head but I admire anyone who has introduced or evolved a unique sound.  

Do you plan on releasing an EP soon? 
It is definitely on the cards, I am sticking with singles for the time being and then would love to. 


If you could go touring with your band right now, where would you go? 
Would love to go to Central America. It is a place that has so much rhythm and I fell in love with it when I went traveling there. The people are amazing and the landscape is so beautiful. Plus I feel like my sound is so different from Latin music that I could bring something new to the area. Not forgetting that it is just a wonderful trip right up from Panama through to Mexico, irrespective of touring with a band! 

What do you want to achieve in the near future? 
Release lots of singles and records and E.P. potentially collaborates with other artists and gets some remixes out there. 

Anything you want to add to our readers?
Thanks for listening/reading. More is coming soon so join me on the journey. 

 Anelle Aibassova
Anelle Aibassova

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