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In the age of digital media, a new breed of influencers has emerged, captivating audiences with their unique stories and passions. Kalani Hilliker, with over 11 million followers to her name, stands as a prime example of how determination, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit can pave the way for a multifaceted career. Emerging from her roots on the reality show “Dance Moms,” Kalani has journeyed far beyond her dancing shoes, diving into the world of social media marketing and entrepreneurship. Her most recent initiative, the self-care and wellness company Kare By Kalani, is proof of her dedication to assisting people in finding love and confidence for themselves.


Kalani’s ascent to prominence started on the dance floor, when her unmistakable skill sparkled on the screens of “Dance Moms.” But what distinguishes her is her capacity to move from reality television to the internet sphere with style. She has been able to use her platform to pursue her hobbies in fresh and significant ways thanks to her sizable internet following.

The creation of Kalani, Kare, transcends the conventional limitations of cosmetics and beauty. Kare explores the field of self-care and wellness because she has a sincere desire to assist others in embracing self-love, confidence, and overall well-being. Kalani is using this business to combine her love of sustainability and mental health to change the world. Kare is more than just another cosmetics company; it represents a dedication to a way of life that places a high value on caring for one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


“There are so many different products I am working on with Kare to expand the brand and help others. The main purpose and goal will always be to be able to help others and ease any stress, anxiety, etc. Kare will always focus on helping others and focusing on mental health.” Kalani on Kare By Kalani

The inspiration derived from manifestation and spiritual practises is what genuinely distinguishes Kare. This brand tries to give more than simply goods; it seeks to provide a means to a happy existence. According to Kare’s concept, genuine beauty originates within, and by taking care of oneself, people may reflect such beauty outside. Kare reminds us to set aside some time each day for self-care, which will ultimately have a good effect on our general well-being in a world that frequently pushes us to ignore our own needs.

The desire to have a significant influence that extends beyond Kalani’s brand. She is devoted to producing goods and content that connect with her fans on a deeper level since she is concerned about mental wellness. Her transformation from a reality TV dancer to a social media influencer and businesswoman is evidence of her tenacity and flexibility.


Kalani Hilliker’s journey from a child dancer to a social media powerhouse and entrepreneur shows the importance of pursuing one’s passions with sincerity and tenacity. Kare By Kalani serves as a monument to her devotion to empowering people to embrace self-care, wellness, and self-love as she continues to develop her business and inspire millions. In a world that may sometimes feel stressful, Kalani’s story reminds us that we can actually flourish by taking time for ourselves and nourishing our well-being.


Editor-in-chief MG
Wording By Mali Ahmed
Interview By Fami

Photography By Nicole Grambo


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