Kickin Off The New Year With Jeremy Ray Taylor | COVER STAR

For our Nov/Dec 2021 issue, Jeremy catches up with Fami to chat about everything from fitness and the project he’s working on, to His Character On Big Sky. 


“Big Sky is a TV series on ABC about 2 female detectives in Big Sky Montana who get caught up in some very dangerous cases. I play Bridger, a kid in a friend group, who also gets dragged into the case by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Jeremy On Big Sky. “Well 2021 was rough for everyone, including myself. I don’t want to sound petty or diminish the things that are really hard, but I didn’t get a graduation, a prom, etc. Missing it didn’t actually hit me until things started to get busy again.  Taking the time off with family and re-energizing was great!  It was nice to take a minute from the rush of life and get some things in perspective.  If the pandemic taught us anything, it was not to miss the little things, take time for yourself, and set priorities.I did take my time off as a time to better myself as much as possible. It started out of boredom and became a real journey for me.  I’ve had a pretty significant weight loss journey, started working out and eating better and getting self care in order.” Says Jeremy on 2021.


Interview By Fami
Editor-In-Chief Mg
 Wording By Mali
Photo By Benjamin Taylor


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