Levi’s Celebrates That ‘You Are Wonderfully Made’ This Ramadan

This year’s Ramadan greeting from Levi’s ® is clear and simple – “You are Wonderfully Made”. At the campaign’s core is optimism, hope, and knowing that we can all make the world a better place. A celebration of togetherness and the joy that is at the heart of these moments.


Emerging from a global pandemic, the ‘new normal’ is here to stay. With more news comes more noise, and every new situation can impact wellbeing and passion for life. Around the world, when times are tough, collective humanity has remained a beacon of hope as consumers look to see the world for everything it can be. The campaign celebrates everyone’s individual spark. To do good, bring change, and uplift one another as a community. Designed for purpose and made to last, Levi’s ® reflects each wearer.


One choice at a time, change can be made, especially when standing together because while great as individuals, as a community and collective, we are better together. “We want to empower wearers to achieve their fullest potential. Ramadan is the perfect time to
celebrate the personal values that make us all unique,” explained Saikot Das, Director – Marketing, South Asia, Middle East & Africa. “We all feel an inherent need to do good – and when we learn how to combine our individual strengths, however big or small, we will have the
power to change the world.” As consumers come together as families, friends and communities, after years apart, Levi’s ® celebrates these moments with timeless, iconic products that are truly unique to each individual. So, whether shopping for yourself or buying for a loved one, each individual can be assured to find the perfect, long-lasting gift with Levi’s ® .


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