Recording Artist Lord F On Co-Founding a Clothing Line, MIX TV & Music

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Lord F is an LA-based singer from Sao Paulo-Brazil who was born in 1993. Lord F began performing as a child at school musicals. His first EP was produced by Grammy-award winning producer Rick Bonadio in 2015 and had four songs. Singles “Hey Hey Hey”. “Dance With You”. “Like a Glove” and “Ainda é Pouco” reached most of the top charts on the radio. Moreover, Lord F also succeeded on tv as a host for the Brasilian MIX TV. Widely known LA-based producer Lampadinha invited Lord to record a few songs and during half a year they wrote about sixty songs and picked the best ten for Lord’s upcoming album “Once Upon a Song”. 


Hello Lord F, and thanks for taking your time to answer a few questions. Could you start by telling more about yourself and your background? 
I come from a far, far away land, and where I come from, music is the magic that we have. 

How would you describe your music in three words? 

How did Lampadinha approach you with the invitation to produce songs? 
He was friends with my former manager and looking for new talent to work with.

What is your newest album, Once Upon A Song, about?
Once Upon a Song is my tribute to music. It’s my way of declaring my love for music and everything it can do for us. I truly believe music is the closest thing we have to magic. 


How often do you listen to your very first pieces that came out in 2015?|
I’ll put it on whenever I have something artistic to do and need to link up with the Lord F energy.

What inspired you to create and co-found Fitx Wear
It was honestly my trouble in finding things that I would like to wear. Just that casual chic with the best quality but also not just sportswear. Elegant clothes that enhance your curves without trying too hard and that you won’t get tired after wearing once. I’m a minimalist at heart, and less is always more for me. 


Could you tell us more about the new collection of the brand? 
The new Jet setter collection has ten key pieces for his and hers closet that is all you need to throw on your suitcase and travel the world in style and elegance. From the Greek islands to the cold mountains of Switzerland. Reliable clothes that enhance your shape and lifestyle. 

Who has been supporting you through ups and downs? 
My sister Mary is my biggest supporter. And my best friend Deborah has been through it all with me. They have lived every phase and know (almost) everything, haha.

What did you enjoy the most while filming the second season for MIX TV? 
Losing weight, haha! I was so busy and tired that I literally had no time or energy to eat. 

What is your most favourite track from “Once Upon a Song”? 
That has changed so much over time. Right after I finished recording the album, “Our Way Home” was my ultimate favorite, but that has changed as I was releasing them as singles. Right now, I would say Perfect Imperfection is my girl, haha.


What advice would you give to youngsters who are trying to become famous in the music and tv industry?
Don’t let the pressure of success take the joy away from you. Make sure your finances are separate from your art. One day it might blend but until then, protect both from each other. 

What are your plans, and what shall we expect to hear next?
I’m in the early stages of producing new tracks, and you can expect a lot of dance floor bops! I wanna dance until I can’t anymore.

 Anelle Aibassova
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