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As someone with extensive experience working in the apparel and fashion industry, Madison has been able to successfully navigate the rapidly-changing world of fashion. A few of her clients include Chanel, Guess, and Too Faced Cosmetics. As a result of working with so many inspiring fashion designers on advertising campaigns, Madison was able to start Kamari Swim with confidence. This girl is a living example of hard work paying off. She isn’t taking no for an answer, she shows she is the boss.


“In my first 3 years of modeling, I modeled for a swim brand and I didn’t like how it fit my body. This then inspired me to create Kamari Swim with the goal of creating unique swimsuits for any body type to wear. When I first moved to LA to start modeling in 2018 ‘influencing’ wasn’t as big of a thing as it is now in 2022. I don’t think my goal was to become an influencer, it just happened because of modeling.” Says Madison on Kamari Swim and life as an influencer.
JAMO Magazine AUGUST 2022/ISSUE 88

My biggest adjustment is sharing more with the world than I would like to. I am a very private person so having to open up my life a bit more was a big adjustment. Everything is still new and I’m learning every day. I feel like when you make mistakes you learn from each one, so any mistakes have taught me what not to do.” Says Madison.


Editor-in-chief MG
Wording By Mali A.M
Interview by Fami
Photographer: Tuan Pham


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