Try These Beauty Products That Will Change Your Life

Our favourite online portal has over 100 brands of makeup, skincare, fragrances and more to choose from! It can be a daunting task finding […]

The Top 10 Best Highlighters To Get That Glow From Within 

When talking about makeup products, Highlighters are all the buzz with us  millennials. Admittedly, each one of us owns at least two or more […]

These Flormar Beauty Products are a Festive Season’s Best Picks

One stroke lipsticks, mascaras for voluminous eyelashes, pearly nail enamels, and more… oon it will be that time of the year to get creative, […]

Make Your Festive Eye Makeup Stand Out With These New Beauty Drops

Our favorite time of the year is the holiday season because we can dress up and go out in bold and creative outfits. While […]

Five Skyrocket Eye Makeup Looks Inspired by Legendary TV Shows Characters

Do you realize that your true beauty lies in your pair of eyes? The doorway to where your wildest dreams reside. Your spellbinding eyes […]

3 Ways to Transition Your Makeup From Summer to Autumn

As much as I adore a tropical bronzed glow and a killer neon liner in the summer, the season of burgundies and berries awaits. […]

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A Lazy Girls Guide to French Makeup

Ahh, France. Aside from their great food, jaw-dropping architecture, and sexy accents, what comes to mind when you think of France? They’re insanely beautiful […]

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Foundations for Dry Skin That Will Leave Your Skin Hydrated All Day Long

My fellow beauty sisters, I have a confession to make; I have dry skin. To be quite honest with you, finding the perfect foundation […]

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Drug-Store Makeup Products That Will Help You Achieve an Instant Glam

Summer is the time to shine. Sultry bold eyes, bright statement lips, and the glowing look – together they make a woman look formidable. […]

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Easy Five Steps To Achieving Your Ultimate Summer Makeup Look

Summer is the perfect time to experiment new makeup looks. This season’s popular beauty trends range from subtle ‘no-makeup’ makeup looks and glowy skin […]


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