3 Ways to Transition Your Makeup From Summer to Autumn

As much as I adore a tropical bronzed glow and a killer neon liner in the summer, the season of burgundies and berries awaits. I must admit that I’ve gotten far too comfortable with my summer makeup routine, so it’s time to trade in the baby pinks for terracotta browns, while still maintaining a touch […]

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A Lazy Girls Guide to French Makeup

Ahh, France. Aside from their great food, jaw-dropping architecture, and sexy accents, what comes to mind when you think of France? They’re insanely beautiful women! The French are known all around the world for their fresh-faced women. Bridgette Bardot, Tina Kunakey, and Lea Seydoux are just a shy list of what comes to mind. But […]

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Foundations for Dry Skin That Will Leave Your Skin Hydrated All Day Long

My fellow beauty sisters, I have a confession to make; I have dry skin. To be quite honest with you, finding the perfect foundation that caters to dry skin could be likened to climbing Mount Everest barefoot on a tricycle. Sure, I’m kidding. But come on, you’ve got to admit that finding a non-patchy formula […]

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Drug-Store Makeup Products That Will Help You Achieve an Instant Glam

Summer is the time to shine. Sultry bold eyes, bright statement lips, and the glowing look – together they make a woman look formidable. Looking and feeling gorgeous positively affects a woman’s personality,  creativity, and overall confidence. It reveals her best. Note Cosmétique was created with the mission to build positive feelings among women through positive […]

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Easy Five Steps To Achieving Your Ultimate Summer Makeup Look

Summer is the perfect time to experiment new makeup looks. This season’s popular beauty trends range from subtle ‘no-makeup’ makeup looks and glowy skin to the bolder graphic liners and statement lips. The beauty experts at Flormar round up their top five timeless beauty trends for the season along with perfectly handpicked products to ace […]

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Makeup Looks Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everything’s written in the stars. Atleast, that’s how I would justify my ‘off’ days. (Curse you, Mercury retrograde!) But all jokes aside, astrology has been the hottest topic for the past few years and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. You can use astrology to figure your future, love-life, and even what look suits […]

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Pore Minimizing Primers That Are Definitely Worth The Money!

Pores are an essential part of our skin’s health. However, we also understand that there’s no permanent way to completely diminish their pesky size. The good news though? There are methods for reducing their size. Check out our selection of the finest pore-reducing makeup primers to purchase today so that you can discover one that […]

These Beloved Makeup Products That Live Up to the Hype

Special occasions like Eid require some of our favourite CATRICE products to keep with you on the go in your handbag throughout the day. Keep your makeup flawless at all times while you’re out and about with your closest friends or family, and touch up your look to always have that perfect finish. Here are […]

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All New Makeup Product Releases for June 2021

With new makeup being released at an alarming rate daily, we have chosen to make it easier for you to filter among the latest liners, lipsticks, and other cosmetics. Even though we have our personal favorites, we get excited about new cosmetic releases. Brands are constantly updating their product lines with innovative formulations, colorful hues, […]

This Makeup Brand Just Launched a Lipstick Collection & I Want You To Try It

As the summer gets into full swing, we look forward to days lounging by the beach and pool. However, one concern that many of us have is our make-up not holding well when exposed to heat. The good news is that there are a few options to consider to put an end to lipstick smudging […]