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All New Makeup Product Releases for June 2021

With new makeup being released at an alarming rate daily, we have chosen to make it easier for you to filter among the latest liners, lipsticks, and other cosmetics. Even though we have our personal favorites, we get excited about new cosmetic releases. Brands are constantly updating their product lines with innovative formulations, colorful hues, […]

This Makeup Brand Just Launched a Lipstick Collection & I Want You To Try It

As the summer gets into full swing, we look forward to days lounging by the beach and pool. However, one concern that many of us have is our make-up not holding well when exposed to heat. The good news is that there are a few options to consider to put an end to lipstick smudging […]

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#GetTheLook: Cruella De Vil Edit

The star antagonist from 101 Dalmatians makes a theatrical comeback in the movie universe with her captivating personal story and eccentric looks. If you were as blown away as us by the contrast of her bold Cruella looks and sweet Estella appearances, here’s our guide to help you achieve both these looks effortlessly in your […]

Easy Summer Makeup For A More Natural Glow

Summer is officially here! There’s nothing that screams summer better than a soft, dewy look. During the hotter months, lightweight and waterproof products are our favourite go-to’s because it feels like we don’t have anything on our faces. So, whether you are out and about during the day or need a natural glam look at […]

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How To Get The Sun-Kissed Look

We are counting down the days till Eid and this year we’re all about looking dewy and sun-kissed! Creating this look is super, effortless, and quick while still looking flawlessly amazing, which means more time to spend with our family, friends, and loved ones. Let’s take you through five easy steps to create this gorgeous […]


5 Best Nude Lipsticks Of 2021

When it comes to figuring out which nude lipstick works best for you, the struggle is REAL! I have extremely pale skin. I don’t sunbathe and even if I tried, my skin tone doesn’t change at all. Since I’m pale as white marshmallows in the sky, nude lipsticks look dark brown on me. Nude lipsticks […]

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7 Sweat-Proof Makeup Products You’ll Need to Survive the Heat of This Summer

Whether you’re spending the day with your girls at the pool or just going for a workout. Your foundation is always at risk of melting. Nothing is more infuriating than wasting hours perfecting your complexion just to see it vanish the moment you walk out of your air conditioning. Luckily for you, these budged makeup […]

Best Under-eye Primers for Flawless Concealer

My under-eye area and concealers are like oil and water – they just don’t go together. No matter how many ‘crease-less’ concealers or setting sprays I apply, I can’t seem to prevent the products from fading and settling into fine lines. To stop myself from frantically patting my under-eye area every minute or so to […]


A Colorful Range of Cosmetics Celebrates Women in Every Stage of Their Lives

The global cosmetics brand with a growing line of beauty products, has been at the forefront of innovation, providing straightforward and affordable beauty experiences for women worldwide. The brand was created with a mission to build positive feelings among female consumers through positive notes and a colorful line of beauty enhancing products. Using formulas infused with enhancing ingredients such as natural […]

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Get an Instant Glow With These Makeup Products

Flormar’s “Healthy Glow” collection couldn’t come at a better time. Launched just in time for Ramadan, the specially designed range promises a healthy, natural and radiant look for the season. The collection includes a range of natural shades and sparkling textures for head-to-toe beauty. Flormar is a woman’s best friend with fashionable and reliable make-up […]