Matt Hamilton On “Turner and Hooch”, Memorable Moments On The Set & Working Alongside Tom Hanks

Matt Hamilton is a Canadian actor with more than 45 Film and TV credits throughout his whole career. He also received numerous awards for his roles and exceptional talents such as Best Male Performance in The Actress Diaries and Best Male Performance Nominee. Matt will be appearing in the Disney+ reboot of the late 80’s comedy “Turner and Hooch” featuring Tom Hanks, Josh Peck, and others. The series will have twelve episodes and is set to premiere on July 16th this year. 


Hello, Matt! Could you tell us about your childhood and how it was growing up in Vancouver? 
I actually grew up in Victoria, which is a 90 ferry ride away on Vancouver Island. It’s basically like little Vancouver but I loved it. It’s not really a small town but a place where you go out and see a lot of familiar faces. It’s right on the water so it’s really beautiful. I still have a house there so I enjoy going back and seeing family and friends.

What inspired you to work in the film and television industry?
I grew up a huge movie nerd (still am) but didn’t put it together that I could work in that field until later on in life. I didn’t start acting until close to my 30’s but got into the industry through screenwriting, which is what I have my education in. Being able to tell a story is my favorite thing.


What film did you enjoy acting in the most?
Oh, this is easy. I did a movie called A Wedding to Remember. The movie is okay but the experience was so fun. I was filming with my friends Greyston Holt, Cristina Rosato, & Becky Olson, directed by my buddy David Strasser, and we were staying/filming at a resort on the water in Kelowna, BC. Becky was my on-screen wife and is one of my best friends so on our off days to were going on wine tours, to the beach, golfing. It was so fun. But my favorite experience in terms of having fun and the quality of the work is not even close. Turner and Hooch take the cake, easily. It is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of and everyone involved is so cool and funny.

What can you say about your participation in a few known festivals as a screenwriter? 
It helped open some doors for me for some projects. I have a couple of things in development so hopefully, I can get some of those going soon. I’m also one of those writers who are really good at procrastination because writing is great but so is going to the beach and golfing and friends and now you see how easily distracted I can get.


What can the audience expect from your new Disney+ series “Turner and Hooch”? 
This show is going to be so fun. It’s an action/comedy cop show that really leans into the comedy which makes it a lot different than anything on TV. And I think it comes at a perfect time, the world needs to and is ready to have some fun, and Turner and Hooch is the perfect solution to that. And there are dogs in it. Dogs make everything better. Everything should come with a dog. Go for a coffee and you get to sit with a dog while you drink it (there’s a free million-dollar idea for you). I’m so excited for people to see this show, I think it’s really great.

What is the most memorable thing that happened to you while filming it?
I got drooled on a lot. By Josh, which made it even weirder. But really one thing that was really cool was doing a stunt where i was hanging upside down. That was really cool. Also, shout out stunt guys/gals everywhere. Stunts are hard.


What can you say about your character Trent Havelock? 
Trent is the super bro, hero US Marshall. The kind of dude who was the Captain of the football team and is used to getting attention and praise. He’s kind of a dick but in a funny way.

How do you balance your personal life and career?
Alcohol mostly. But seriously, just making sure I carve out some “me time.” Whether it’s having a coffee on my patio for an hour, reading a book, going on a bike ride, anything where I can step away. Being active always helps me.

Who is your favorite director that you want to work with in the future?
Ooooh, good question. I think David Fincher would terrify me (“We’re doing ANOTHER TAKE?!”) but there are so many great directors. A couple I would love is Tarantino, Nolan, Greta Gerwig and I’ll go Olivia Wilde. I loved Booksmart. One of the most underrated movies of the last 5 years IMO.

You also had a lead role in “The Actress Diaries” that made you successful, what did you like most about being in this tv series? 
The Actress Diaries is a really charming, funny, heartfelt show that’s available online. It was a blast to be a part of and being able to work with Lisa Hughes and Kate Bateman was a dream. They’re so great in the show.

Any advice would you give to raising actors and media producers? 
My advice is to not listen to me. But I would say make interesting choices, no need to go down the road of things we’ve seen before. Take a chance.


Where can we watch a premier of “Turner and Hooch” and do you have any other upcoming projects or premiere?
The release date just got shuffled but comes out on Disney Plus on July 21st. A new episode every week. SO EVERYONE WATCH IT BECAUSE I WANT TO SHOOT A SECOND SEASON OF IT. I have a couple of other movies I’m doing too but not sure of the release plan for those. Best to just check IMDB, which usually has the answers.

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