Matthew Sato Discusses Social Stardom in Our Latest Issue | COVER STAR

Another awesome cover story featuring Matthew Sato


Matthew Sato is being chased by hundreds of teenage girls. His low-key manner, good-natured attitude, and old-school good looks set this guy apart from the multitude of hungry, disillusioned Los Angeles youth looking for attention. Matthew isn’t your typical actor. Matthew was born in Hawaii in 2001. Living his dream and embracing his roots, Sato is making a name for himself in the industry at the age of 20. “Now that I’m back from Hawaii, I’ve been working on a few other series and films. I am also a filmmaker as well and have been working on writing my own scripts and such.” Says Mattew.

The surfer boy went from riding Hawaii’s waves to having 400k+ Instagram followers in just couple years. Future looks bright and fun for Mathew. “I plan to continue to grow as an actor and take on more challenging roles. I really want to play a superhero in a movie. I can see that happening one day soon! I do hope one day to direct and produce my own projects. I really enjoy working behind the camera as much as I enjoy the acting.” Mathew on career plans. 


Editor-in-chief MG
Wording By Mali
Interviewed by Fami
Photography By David Esterson

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