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Megan Fox channels Baby Spice with high pigtails – here’s how to get the look

In her recent Instagram post which has attracted over 2.7 million likes, Megan Fox channels her inner Baby Spice by sporting the star’s classic high pigtails look.  

It seems that Megan may have just revived this ‘90s hair trend – with Google searches for ‘pigtail hairstyles’ having increased by 177.5% in the past day. 

Credit: @meganfox

For those who want to give this iconic high pigtails look a go, Nick Drewe, hair trends expert at WeThrift has got you covered with these simple steps: 

  1. Part your hair in the middle in order to keep your front bangs out. You may benefit from using duckbill hair clips to keep the front bangs away from the rest of your hair when you are working on it. 
  2. Put your thumbs where your ears are and move your hands upward towards the crown of head to section off your hair in a half up and half down style. 
  3. Following the parting of your hair, divide your hair into two sections so it looks even – these will be your two pigtails to start. 
  4. Once you have your two pigtails, secure one of them with a duckbill hair clip. This will allow you to focus on the styling of the other pigtail. 
  5. Bunching it nice and tight, tie your pigtail with a hair elastic. 
  6. Repeat the same process for your other pigtail. 
  7. In order to cover up your hair elastics, take a piece of your hair and wrap it around your pigtail before securing with a bobby pin. 
  8. In order to achieve Megan’s voluminous mermaid waves, curl your bangs in an outward direction using a hair straightener. Tip: spray your hair with a heat protection spray first. 
  9. Repeat this curling process for the rest of your hair. Tip: if you have fine hair, use dry shampoo or a texturising spray to add volume to the root. As well as this, if you suffer from hair flyways, you may benefit from using a hair serum to treat the frizziness and dryness. 

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