Michael Gallagher On New Single “Lula” & His Inspirations & More

Michael Gallagher presents his second single Lula, which was released on 5th March 2021 via Humble Angel Records. The County Durham talent yet again delivers a guitar-infused single, where a bright pop melody and catchy lyrics lead the way. Following his anthemic debut single Yesterday, new single Lula is fused with the spirit of contemporary indie rock and pop, a craft that Michael is fast becoming known for. Michael Gallagher is a singer and songwriter, crafting songs that tell real stories about real people and real life. Born and raised in Hartlepool, the former shipbuilding and steel town in Teesside where a strong local spirit has seen the town through tough times, Michael has honed his talent for music since childhood. It was Michael’s nan who gave him his initial introduction to music culture, gifting him a pile of CDS from David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and more classic luminaries to absorb. Michael was soon inspired to pick up a guitar he was given as a child, and taught himself to play- all the while enlightened to contemporaries such as Oasis, Razorlight, The Wombats, and later, The Cribs. He was soon playing shows in local pubs and bars, steadily building a local fanbase. It was this growing awareness in his community that led Michael to continue writing new songs, and develop his talent for honest, sharply observed lyrics.

I had a chat with Michael to discuss his new single “Lula” & the process that went behind the song and what were his inspirations when creating the single “Lula”.

What inspired you to become a singer/ songwriter?
I’m not really sure I can pinpoint it on one thing. My Nana giving me a box of Rolling Stones CD’s sticks in my mind from when I was younger. But I think it was a combination of the music I was into and seeing friends doing music that kind of made me decide to give it a go.


How much of an impact has music had on you?
I mean it is all I think about so I would say it has had quite a big impact haha! Music has introduced me to like-minded people and has been central in some of the best times of my life so far. Long may it continue!

Take us through your songwriting process?
I write most my songs in the bathroom, I don’t know why but that’s where the magic happens I suppose. All songs usually start on the acoustic guitar. Some come straight away from what seems like nowhere. Whereas some songs take longer and have to be molded. I try not to try too hard either way and just let things come naturally.

Your new single Lula is mesmerizing, tell us a bit about it?
Wow! Thank you very much. This track was written just before I was heading into the studio to record a batch of tunes. I had 3 ready to record and needed 1 more, then came Lula. The song is a kind of ‘tongue in cheek’ tale about a one-night stand. I’m glad you mentioned the ‘pop vibes’ as this was my attempt at writing a pop song.


Currently, you’re a country musician, do you see yourself trying out other genres as well?
I wouldn’t necessarily say I was a country musician but maybe that’s years of listening to Bob Dylan and the likes coming through haha. I would say I have more of an indie pop-rock sound but I am definitely looking to take elements from other genres to keep things interesting.

How did you learn to play the guitar and are there any other instruments you like to play?
I learned to play guitar when I was younger. I got one for Christmas when I was a kid but only really took a keen interest a few years later. During the lockdown, I have been trying to teach myself piano. Don’t think I will be knocking any Elton John numbers out anytime soon mind.

How does it feel to get so much support from your local town?
It’s literally the best thing. I’m so proud to be from Hartlepool and it means the world that people from the town get behind you and show support.

How do you feel you stand out from the crowd when it comes to your music?
I think lyrically people are able to relate to my music. Usually, they’re real stories about real-life so people draw that link. I think to live I stand out as the shows are fast-paced and don’t give the audience time to stand still. We all like a dance at the end of the day!


Do you have any upcoming projects for us to be excited about?
I have lots of music to release this year so I am really excited to see where we come to the end of 2021. Lots of new music in the works also so who knows what might come. It’s all very exciting either way.

Is there anything I missed out on that you would like to add?
Hopefully, from summer onward I will be busy performing as many live shows as possible up and down the country. So JAMO readers, keep an eye out on my socials, get yourself a ticket, and let’s all have a party!


What’s your message for JAMO readers? 
Thanks a lot for reading and be sure to check out my latest single ‘LULA’, get in touch and let me know what you think. Thank you for having me.

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