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Minimalism At Home: Can It Work?

If you are tired of the cluttered appearance of your home and wish to give it a new look this season, why not try the “Minimalist Style” for a change? A lot of people have adopted “Minimalism” in decorating their homes due to its simplicity, elegance, and beauty. Minimalism—the art of decorating with less—should be simple to achieve in theory: balanced furnishings, a few pieces of art mounted on a wall covered, a solitary vase on the table, and you’re done! 


Of course, the flawless look is not so simple to achieve. A lot of thought goes into designing a livable minimalist space—one that feels warm and inviting rather than cold and clinical.


The simplistic decorating style is an exercise in control, with equal emphasis on space, lighting, and objects. This style requires you to pare down your furniture pieces to the basic necessities, leaving you with a collection of carefully selected items that have the best results. This style is anything but boring; it’s bold, practical, and unforgettable. Here are easy ways to apply minimalism at your home:

  • Choose the right color palette 
Image: Sidekix Media

Light colors like white, as well as subtle neutrals, barely-there greys, and pastels, are essential in minimalist homes. Since you could use brighter colors, we recommend sticking to one or two and limiting the dosage. To create a well-lit room, the image above employs white and grey tones.

  • Use Accent Decorations
Image: Kam Idris

Trying to design a minimalist home does not imply avoiding ornaments and bright colors. The rule is to only use decorative elements as accents and not to overcrowd your home. Similarly, when it comes to art, choose a single focal piece rather than a group of small ones. Just like above, the image shows how elegantly the wall decor stands and gives a sleek look to the entire room. 

  • Allow light 

You should use bare windows. If you can leave your windows unadorned and let natural light in, it will greatly enhance the minimalist style. If privacy is a concern, use the thinnest curtain material possible or blinds. Sheer curtains in this bedroom let in a lot of light, brightening everything in its path. The right color palette has enabled the room to bring more light and also the sheer curtains help the room to become bright. 

  • Quality over Quantity 

It truly pays to invest in classics that will stand the test of time and buy quality over quantity (and spark your interest). Online shoppers on trendy items that you will quickly tire of do not work with minimalist design. Choose well-made pieces, will withstand daily use, and will look better as a result. Patina is essential. Furthermore, it becomes much more environmentally friendly.


So the next time you would like to change how your home looks, why not apply the minimalist style and see how it can transform your life, brighten it, add color and make it a little less complicated. 

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