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Mistakes to avoid when trying to lose weight

If you’re struggling with extra weight, you know how hard it is to stay persistent with diets and restrictions. Your mind can easily become overwhelmed with keeping track of all the rules and expecting to see the results. That can make you oversee other things that might put your efforts in vain. You’ve done the hardest part when you decided to jumpstart a healthy change in your life. To achieve your goals, there are a couple of mistakes to avoid when trying to lose weight.

Skipping meals

Starving and skipping meals with only make you feel stressed.

A lot of people who work on weight loss want to see results fast. But every human body is different. Thus, each will have its own pace when it comes to showing progress. However, some people try to speed up the process by skipping meals or starving themselves. A key to every well-planned diet is to make your meals consistent and rich with necessary nutrients. Skipping them will only confuse your metabolism, and the next time you eat, your body will try to store the energy for the next ‘starving period’. Still, starving periods are common in certain types of diets, like intermittent fasting. This dietary system is much more complex than simply not eating and the fasting periods are planned and controlled.

Losing count of your calories

Temptations are everywhere, especially in a cup of rich, foamy morning coffee and your favorite sandwich.

Doing your math when it comes to calories is an essential part of the weight loss process. However, most people neglect this part. Having a meal diary will help you keep track of your potential ‘detours’ when it comes to meal plans. If you don’t have the time for an old-fashioned diary, there are plenty of apps that can do the job for you.

Wrong kinds of snacks and drinks

Sometimes it’s all about tough choices.

Most diets recommend eating three meals a day with snacks between the meals to keep the metabolism working. Still, for most people, snacks have a different meaning. When trying to get rid of extra weight, we forget to include snacks rich in proteins and fibers. These nutrients are crucial for achieving desired results faster, plus they keep you full for longer. Therefore, it’s important to always find the time to prepare healthy snacks to make your diet more efficient.

Food rich in salt, sugar, simple carbohydrates, and saturated fats is bad for you. So, pay attention to labels when choosing the right snacks. Most juices are filled with sugar and empty calories without nutritional value. Opting for water, fresh lemonade, or any kind of healthy liquids that will keep you hydrated is always better. Mistakes to avoid when trying to lose weight are many, but this is one of the most important ones. Doing your homework when it comes to your diet and nutrients is crucial for weight loss.

Neglecting physical activities

Not having an exercise routine is one of the mistakes to avoid when trying to lose weight.

Weight loss is a complicated process where our minds and bodies have to be synched. Staying persistent with your food plan will only get you halfway. Without appropriate physical activities, everything will be much slower. And the other way around. Exercising is beneficial to our health, but hard work doesn’t justify rewarding yourself with junk food after the session. Balancing the food plan and the exercises is the best way to achieve the desired goal. Still, staying motivated and knowing what exercise plan works best for you is often hard. According to Dubai Personal Trainers, getting the proper support when getting back into shape matters the most. They believe that hiring professional trainers can help you see the results of your hard work faster.

Lack of portion control

 Staying hydrated and choosing the right kind of nutrients is crucial for your diet.

The content of your plate matters a lot, but so does mindful portioning. Having a healthy diet plan with the right food won’t have its full effect if you don’t know when to stop eating. Just because something is good for you doesn’t mean it won’t negatively affect your weight loss results if you eat too much of it. Let’s take nuts, for example. They are a great snack, full of protein and healthy fats. However, four walnuts or ten hazelnuts have 100 calories in them! Therefore, it’s important not to overeat on them. If you have problems adjusting to seeing less on your plate, cheat your brain by adding more vegetables, like cucumbers, baby spinach, and zucchinis. They are tasty, barely have any calories in them, and they will help boost your immune system.

Stepping on a scale every day

A scale can be your friend or your enemy, depending on how you use it.

Having a scale is very useful for those who have weight issues. It not only gives you information on how much you weigh, but it keeps you cautious when you step out of your regular eating routine. However, sometimes we can be too focused on the scale when trying to lose weight – and stepping on it every morning won’t get us anywhere. Our daily body weight can vary, and many factors influence it. Thus, focusing too much on the scale will only make you distracted, stressed, and possibly demotivated. The best thing would be to make a weighing plan and check the scale once a week.

Other factors that can slow down weight loss

Other factors like lack of sleep, exhaustion, and stress will influence your results. Diets can overwhelm our minds which can lead to stress-induced consequences that affect our weight loss. Starting a meaningful change in your life should trigger other healthy habits to kick in. That’s why it’s essential to choose the optimal routine that will combine everything you need during your weight loss journey. Having eight hours of sleep, not overeating for dinner, and regularly exercising will help more than you know it. Remember that losing weight is equally demanding for your mind and body.


Facing challenges in our lives is never easy. But remember, even though weight loss demands a lot of sacrifices and hard work, you should never deprive yourself entirely of the things you enjoy – as long as you stay mindful in consumption. Achieving your weight loss goals should be done through balanced diet recipes, exercise plans, and relaxation. Mistakes to avoid when trying to lose weight can be easily diverted if you make a good plan and research before confronting this challenge. The road will be rough, but you mustn’t be too hard on yourself even if you slip a couple of times. After all, adjusting to significant changes takes time. Soon, when the results start to show, you will gain a new boost of inspiration and energy that will significantly improve your life.


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