Mix & Match with Mavala’s ‘Swiss Skin Solution’ Range to Create the Perfect Routine Suitable for all skin types

The thought of mixing products from different skincare ranges is almost unheard of and nearly frowned upon, leaving it a frustrating task to find the perfect combination. Boldly breaking the common skincare myth and challenging the status quo, Mavala’s Swiss Skin Solution was designed to allow skin solution-seekers an option to freely explore products across a variety of ranges and still receive effective results. 

Backed by a 60-year heritage and respected as industry experts, Mavala Swiss Skin Solutions specialize in solution-focused formulas, each infused with various Alpine botanic treasures and advanced active ingredients targeting both demanding and delicate skincare needs. The high-performing yet gentle ingredients can be mixed depending on the user’s desires, with all products being dermatologically and/or ophthalmologically tested and suitable to all skin types. 

Mavala’s Swiss Skin Solution Top Mix & Match Products:

  1. PORE DETOX Foaming Cleanser: For all those looking to reduce excess sebum without drying out the skin, this award-winning cleanser does just that! The gentle micellar formula targets imperfections, shine, and dilated pores caused by external aggressions and hormonal changes. The one-press pump produces a light foam concentrated in Willowherb, a rare Alpine species that helps diminish sebum production, and 10% Witch Hazel water, an astringent, toning, and purifying agent knew for its disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its physiological pH, soap, and paraben-free formula allow users to effectively unblock pores and remove makeup, urban toxins, and impurities. After using this product, expect to feel clean, fresh, and purified with smoother and more refined skin, regaining its beautiful radiance. 

Steps: Apply one pump of the cleanser to a damp face and massage gently into the skin as the first step of the routine. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and dry the face before continuing with a Mavala Toning Lotion.

Price: AED 115

  1. CLEAN & COMFORT Toning Lotion: Specializing in sensitive skin, Mavala’s Clean & Comfort Toner is a gentle solution to irritated or inflamed skin caused by using unsuitable products containing harsh chemicals or alcohol. The toner lotion includes physiological pH, hydrating and alcohol-free properties that act against usual, potent toner ingredients, which can often cause more damage than good. To reduce and prevent irritation, discomfort, and redness, the toner includes Aloe Vera as a key ingredient, being moisturizing, calming, and emollient to maintain skin elasticity. Ophthalmologically tested, the toner is concentrated in pure Alpine water and Swiss dermo-soothing Mallow flower, leaving a sweet and delicate scent.

Steps: Soak a cotton pad with the toner and gently apply it on the face and neck after using a Mavala cleanser. Use the toner before applying one of Mavala’s serums.

Price: AED 105

  1. NUTRI-ELIXIR Ultimate Cream: Dry or mature skin that no longer produces enough lipids leaves it more fragile, thinner, and prematurely aged. The skin fortifying face and eye cream helps combat this issue with its exclusive formula of a patented pro-lipid booster, Swiss Linseed oil rich in omega 3, 6, and 9, and a complex of bioactivated vegetal oils to smooth skin and help reduce the signs of aging. Being free from paraben and mineral oil, the nourishing cream provides silkiness, glow, and elasticity and is also ideal for the decolleté. So, to prevent or correct the loss of skin density and elasticity, implement this cream into a skincare routine and sit back to watch the excellent results. 

Steps: Apply the cream onto a cleansed face, eye contour, and neck, either alone or after using a Mavala serum.

Price: AED 150

  1. AQUA PLUS Sleeping Mask: For dehydrated skin lacking moisture, the Alpine overnight moisturizing sleeping mask is a fabulous addition to a night-time skincare routine. Its silky texture, highly concentrated in dermo-soothing Mallow flower and Hyaluronic Acids at three molecular weights, deeply penetrates the epidermis, helping to restore its water preserves and reinforcing the protecting cutaneous barrier. The paraben-free moisturizing mask can also be doubled up as a “classic mask” to be rinsed off after 10 to 15 minutes. Expect fully replenished, rehydrated, and supple skin after waking up.

Steps: Apply a thin layer of the mask on a clean face and neck every evening to infuse overnight without rinsing. 

Price: AED 200


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